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Access Virus TI Synths- The best of both worlds in London!

Access Virus TI Synths- The best of both worlds in London!

The Access Virus TI sythesisers are, quite simply, spectacular. There. Said it. I’m not going to sugar-coat this one. They sound great, they’re fun to program, they play nicely with your DAW. The Virus TI2 range are just awesome and I love them. And now the Virus TI synths have a new London home!

Yes, you heard it, the incredible Virus TI synths are now in stock and awaiting your key-tinkling and knob-twiddling action at Red Dog Music in Clapham, possibly the coolest part of London. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? We’re there.

Access Virus TI at Red Dog Music London

The sounds you can get out of the Access Virus range from the most lush and smooth of organic soundscapes to the harshest of digital tones, via classic analogue-sounding basslines, squelches and screams, all without having to worry about drifting out of tune when your central heating comes on.

The modelled analogue sounds of the Access Virus have long been lauded, from the early days of the Virus A to the current range that includes the TI2 Polar, TI2 Keyboard, TI2 Desktop and the Virus Snow. With the huge amount of DSP power on-board, the Virus TI2 range offers incredible-sounding patches and enough voices to give you a bunch of multi-timbral voices with plenty of polyphony.

With the DSP power of the Virus being intelligently allocated across different sounds as and when required, the Virus TI Polar and Keyboard offer up to 90 voices depending on patch complexity, which goes quite a long way…

Access Virus TI Polar at Red Dog Music LondonAll of this sounds great of course, but what about that whole TI thing? Total Integration is the thing, and it makes integrating your external synth with your DAW projects a breeze. No more jotting notes on your recall sheet or saving patches with esoteric names and noting those in your DAW project, simply pop the Virus Control plug-in onto your MIDI/instrument track and there you go.

You can program with the clearly-laid out editor on within your DAW (if you choose) and all the patches are saved with your DAW project ready to be recalled when you want to remix it several months later. All the convenience of a soft-synth plugin, but with the incredible Access Virus sound and the power of the external DSP freeing up your computer’s CPU power for other things.

The Access Virus TI2 synths really do just inspire you to play and program, and have enough power to perhaps cover all the synth parts you need in a project, all while minimising the amount of CPU cycles your computer has to spend, allowing you to really get stuck into the mix with your effects plugins. So, if you happen to be around in London, pop in to Red Dog Music in Clapham and get your hands on an Access Virus TI synthesiser!


Red Dog Music is the UK’s friendliest musical instrument and pro-audio dealer. Between our 5000 square foot Edinburgh shop filled with an incredible range of products, and a London showroom in Clapham specialising in high-end instruments, dj and pro-audio, Red Dog Music has you covered from north to south and from performance to playback.



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