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Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 – Native Instruments go jogging!

Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 – Native Instruments go jogging!

Maschine made quite an impact when it was released, putting the groovebox back into groove if you will. Not that that really works, but you know what I mean. Providing an alternative workflow to the ways you might use in your regular sequencer, Native Instruments made Maschine fun and inspiring to use.  With a combination of hardware and software that worked together perfectly, it has always more than just a drum machine. With the release of Maschine 2.0 and Maschine Studio things are set to change again…

Maschine 2.0

The Maschine software was always relatively intuitive (at least as far as these things often go!). The learning curve let you start making loops in a few minutes, but with plenty functionality so you’d still be finding out new ways to create, compose and tweak your tracks for a good amount of time!

Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 Software

Perhaps my favourite function was the ability to program loops and simply drag them into the timeline of your sequencer.  If you didn’t want to learn a new sequencer, but did want a fun and intuitive way of programming, there was a quick and easy way to get those sounds into your DAW of choice.

Now, with the release of the Maschine 2.0 software update, Native Instruments give you unlimited groups, sidechaining, a proper mixer,  five drum synths, improved integration with Komplete as well as support for processors with multiple cores.

After including the full version of their acclaimed soft-synth Massive with the Maschine software, Native Instruments are now including four full-version products from the Komplete range – Massive, Prism, Solid Bus Comp and Scarbee Mark I – adding even more value to Maschine and taking it another step into ‘complete production tool’ territory.

Maschine Studio

While new software updates are always nice, it’s new hardware that often inspires more in the way of taking a look at how many pennies you have and deciding if you want to make a purchase! With the new top of the Maschine line Maschine Studio, you might soon have an itchy wallet finger…

Native Instruments Maschine Studio at Red Dog Music

With its two large, high-resolution colour screens, extensive collection of buttons, pads and knobs AND a jog wheel, the Maschine Studio gives you quick and convenient access to all the Maschine 2.0 software functions to mean you can just get on with making music and not looking at or touching your computer.

The new jog wheel on the Maschine Studio really does elevate this controller to the top of the tree. Navigating arrangements, browsing sounds, making edits, jog wheels are great things to have around. And the improved controllability doesn’t end there, as the Maschine Studio also features two inputs for footswitches for hands-free triggering!

It’s those screens that really catch the eye though. After you’ve chosen your sample library and your sound, you can edit in exquisite detail. Get an overview of the whole sample or loop on the left-hand screen, and zoom right in to edit in detail on the right-hand screen. Doing some sequencing? Look at the full pattern or scene on the left screen and the detailed editor on the right. All in glorious hi-resolution technicolour!

And just look at those mixer meters! Nice.

Next generation Maschine

The release of the Maschine 2.0 software would be talking point enough, but combined with the announcement of the Maschine Studio, the Maschine world is quite an interesting place to be right now!

With the Maschine 2.0 software update available for €99 and available as a free update to anyone who purchases Maschine after 1st October, it’s likely to be a pretty essential update for most Maschine users. And the Maschine Studio is just plain proper gear-lust worthy.

We eagerly await the Maschine video demos that will likely appear from Native Instruments with somebody no doubt doing something quite impressive with them, and we’ll get a review of them once we get them in and get the chance to spend some quality time with them!

The Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0 software should be available from the 1st November. We will keep you posted!


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