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Blackstar LT Pedals overview

Blackstar LT Pedals overview

Blackstar have given us several impressive ranges of amplifiers and the HT series of pedals, but with the Blackstar LT pedals, they have outdone themselves, giving every player access to seriously impressive sounds at a quite simply staggering price!

Blackstar LT Pedals at Red Dog Music

With a range of 5 pedals to take you from clean boost to classic metal sounds, the Blackstar LT series of pedals gives you every sort of grit you could want to put on your pedalboard. Let’s take a quick look at these pedals, what makes them family, and what makes them individual:

All of the Blackstar LT pedals feature a rugged metal chassis, so you know that these things are going to survive being stomped on repeatedly and tramped from rehearsal to gig and back again.

Blackstar LT Boost

If you want to push the front end of your amplifier over the edge, the Blackstar LT Boost is the pedal for you. The LT Boost is particularly good if you’ve got yourself one of those nice little small wattage valve amps that sounds really sweet, but that doesn’t feature a master volume control. With the LT Boost in front of it, you can get those overdriven tones out of it without having to crank the volume on the amp. Bass and treble controls give you even more control over your tone.

Blackstar LT Drive

For when you want a vintage, bluesy crunch sound, the Blackstar LT Drive is where you want to be. With gain, level and tone controls, the LT Drive is a great way to put valve-like saturation and compression in front of your amplifier.

Blackstar LT Dist

When you want to kick things up a notch grit-wise from the LT Drive, take a listen to the Blackstar LT Dist. With a smooth and creamy sound that sounds thick and valve-like, we’re not into modern high-gain triple rectified metalcore here. This pedal is definitely for taking you into classic rock territory. With a tone control and Blackstar’s famous ISF control, you can tailor those high-gain sounds perfectly.

Blackstar LT Metal

For those classic metal tones, the Blackstar LT Metal is what you want to tread on. Again, much like the LT Dist, the LT Metal is about those classic metal tones that give you that thick wall of gain, but still letting each note be heard, making the LT Metal perfect for heavy riffing. As with the LT Dist, tone and ISF controls give you more control.

Blackstar LT Dual

If you need a range of sounds to get you through your set, from classic crunch to a more hi-gain distortion, the Blackstar LT Dual gives you two pedals under your feet to take you from crunch to full-on distortion and back again. With separate gain and level controls for channel 1 and channel 2, and master tone and ISF controls, the Blackstar LT Dual is what you need to turn your single channel amplifier into a three channel monster!


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