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Red Dog Music needs your help: Vote now for the MIA Awards 2013!

Red Dog Music needs your help: Vote now for the MIA Awards 2013!

Yes, we know we’ve put a capital letter after a colon, but forgive us the emphatic, we need your support!

It’s voting time again for the Music Industries Association MIA awards 2013, and Red Dog Music is up for the ‘Best Independent Retailer’ award. We won it in 2009, and we think we’ve come on in leaps and bounds since then and we hope we’ve been as friendly, knowledgeable and efficient as you would expect us to be.

Vote for Red Dog Music for Best Independent Retailer at the MIA Awards 2013

In the last year, we like to think we’ve done a lot to improve ourselves and give you more choice, more information and more music-related fun!

We’ve stepped up our blog activity, and hope that we’ve brought you a good mix of product picks, reviews, tutorials and irreverent humour. As always, if you want to see more or less of anything, just get in touch or leave a comment, and between us we can provide the content you want to read!

Our other big news has been the opening of our Pro Audio showroom in London. With a focus on high-end recording equipment and outboard, and instruments from the likes of Gibson and Paul Reed Smith, this has increased the range of products we can offer you online, as well as providing a professional-grade demo facility where you can A/B different options and find out what is the right fit for your studio.

As ever, the biggest thanks goes to you, whether you are an in-store regular, blog viewer or occasional guest, without you it’s all for naught. For that, we salute you.

And with that, it’s a thank you to you all again, and an over to you for the voting, we hope we have served you well and look forward to doing so in the future. Voting for the MIA Awards 2013 closes on Friday 25th October, so we really do appreciate your clicks!

Simply CLICK HERE, scroll down to the award for the ‘Best Independent Retailer’ and show your dog love!

The Red Dog Music team.

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Red Dog Music

Dawsons Music is delighted to announce that the Red Dog Music brand is now part of the Dawsons family. This is an exciting opportunity to bring both communities together and create a stronger, wider network of people passionate about music gear. We both share a common heritage to support musicians throughout the UK and Dawsons want to support Red Dog Music customers in their continued musical journey.

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