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Faith Mars acoustic guitar: our hands-on review

Faith Mars acoustic guitar: our hands-on review

The Faith range of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars is a big favourite at Red Dog Music. Everybody loves them. With the Faith Mars, players who like that warm sound that comes from an all mahogany body and top can now get the sound they love from Faith.

Faith Mars acoustic guitar review at Red Dog Music

As one of only two members of the new Mahogany series (the other being the FNCEMG Neptune Baby Jumbo), the Faith Mars FRMG drop-shoulder dreadnought caught our attention, so we thought we’d take a closer look and give the Mars a bit of a review…

Faith Mars Attacks!

Much like every other Faith guitar we’ve had through Red Dog Music, the Mars looks flawless, and plays nicely straight out of the (included!) hard case. The Mars feels like a quality acoustic in the hands, and the out of the box setup should suit both fingerstyle players and strummers.

As with other Faith models, the feel and look of the Mars immediately give you the impression that this is a much more expensive instrument. The Faith Mars certainly punches above its weight when it comes to price vs performance.

And then we get to the sound. The usual word you’ll hear about mahogany is ‘warm’, and the Faith Mars certainly gives you that. Volume is also not in short supply, particularly when strumming, so this is an acoustic that should be able to hold its own in an acoustic crowd!

Switching to fingerstyle , there is nice separation between the strings, and you can go from a very mellow, jazzy tone picking with the fleshier parts of the fingers, to a clear, cutting tone when you move around for some more nail action! That said, I’m more of a ham-fisted strummer, so if you’re big on fingerstyle, you should spend some time with it and decide for yourself!

I am a big fan of the Faith Mars, it would be nice if there was an electro version (particularly one without a cutaway, just because we want to plug in doesn’t mean we want to spend time up at the dusty end!), but I can’t really think of too many cons for this guitar. Perhaps it’s just a little bit too shiny, but that’s a very personal thing and the gloss finish might be exactly to your taste.

All-in-all then, the Faith Mars is a guitar you should try out. There aren’t nearly as many mahogany-topped acoustics as there are spruce or cedar, so another option is always welcome. If you have any questions about the Faith Mars, please feel free to get in touch with our Edinburgh shop or London showroom, and we’ll look after you!


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