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Abbie Bell at Henry’s Cellar Bar

Abbie Bell at Henry’s Cellar Bar

It was a joy to discover the music of Abbie Bell at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh the other weekend. It was a quiet night, but Abbie brought quite a following, which is always a good sign!

Abbie Bell at Henry's Cellar barHer set was a mix of covers and original songs, all delicately and engagingly performed and with novel twists to the cover versions to give them a different personality.

However, it is with her original songs that Abbie really comes alive and impresses. With her own material, it is obvious that she engages with the song in a completely different way to the cover versions.

When performing her original songs, she seems much more comfortable and relaxed as both a singer and a guitarist. The songs are beautifully crafted and arranged, and very much draw you in and command your attention.

In a world full of talented singer-songwriters, open-mic nights and live music on-demand, I’d certainly recommend you catch a gig.

We took the chance to quickly catch up with Abbie and you can keep up to date with forthcoming gigs on her Facebook page.

How long have you been playing guitar and were there any particular artists that made you pick up a guitar in the first place?

I have been playing guitar for almost 4 years and I am self taught. To be honest I am influenced by many different artists for different reasons but none really inspired me to start learning guitar it has always been something I have wanted to do and I could see myself doing and then I just decided one day that this is the year I’m going to do it.

Do you prefer to perform your original material compared to cover versions?

Playing covers are a lot of fun and I love to change them and make them different to the original but I do prefer playing my own stuff and getting feedback on it.

Can you describe your music in three words?

From the heart. I write what I feel. No one has ever asked me to describe my music before so I’m sorry if that is a bad answer, haha.

How do you go about spreading the word about your music?

I use my page, sound cloud and soon I will be using youtube. I also have amazing support from family and friends who help spread the word.

What does the future hold for Abbie Bell?

I have no idea. I just want to be happy and still love what I am doing and hopefully still making music.


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