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The Elektron Analog Keys is announced! Red Dog Music has the news!

The Elektron Analog Keys is announced! Red Dog Music has the news!

The waiting is over and the Elektron Analog Keys has been unveiled! Mercifully, they haven’t made us wait too long and we’ve not had to suffer a 3 month teaser campaign! Elektron simply gave us a ‘Night of Machines’ announcement for later in the month, then ‘bam!’, they gave us the Elektron Analog Keys.

The Elektron Analog Keys is announced!

Learn a lesson other manufacturers, built a bit of hype, then release when the anticipation is still building!

We’ll use this article as our Elektron Analog Keys reference so, as we go through the information, we’ll keep this updated with all the information, so make sure you give it a bookmark!

For now though, the Elektron Keys is a – well, it’s clearly based on the Analog Four, but you have the added hands-on goodness of being able to get stuck in on the old keys for some proper soloing or for making programming those analogue synth sequences that bit easier!

The Elektron Analog Keys also features a joystick – as seen on the original Monomachine – and an update to the step-sequencer.

Take a look at this video from De:Bug

As for something interesting, maybe some sort of software update for 4-voice polyphony?

Elektron have now released some more information and we can see (and hear) a bit more about it:

For us, the big news is the inclusion of individual outputs for each of the four voices; now each voice can go to its own channel on the mixer and is open to any effects and processing you want!

Elektron Analog Keys Connections

The Elektron Analog Keys also features the +Drive, so you can now store thousands of sounds and patterns!

The Analog Keys now has its own page on Elektron’s site, so you can take a look at the full specifications.

While a lot of talk on various online electronic music fora thought we were going to get a new drum machine – fuelled by the fact that both models of the Machinedrum were out of stock on Elektron’s website – that’s not what we’ve got.

However, Elektron did reveal the embryonic version of potentially just that, a blinking piece of music hardware encased inside a perspex box. Could this be our first glimpse of the Elektron Machinedrum mk3? We await even more Elektron news with anticipation…


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