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The Fender Starcaster is here! Long live the retro!

The Fender Starcaster is here! Long live the retro!

Announced a couple of months ago, the re-issue of that mid-1970’s classic – the Fender Starcaster – caught a few by surprise, but it’s back as the Fender Modern Player Starcaster; and ours has just arrived in stock!

Fender Starcaster at Red Dog Music

Fender wanted a share of the popular semi-hollow electric guitar market, with guitars such as the iconic Gibson ES-335 being among the most popular models, and the Starcaster was the answer.

At the time however, the Starcaster wasn’t particularly successful, and was discontinued after 6 years.

Also, it’s worth mentioning at this point that Fender did reuse the Starcaster name for their affordable electric guitar packs, which can be confusing if your search engine is giving you a list of popular guitar amp and accessory packages for beginners!

Since then though, it’s found its way into the hands of some contemporary tastemaking players. With guitarists such as Jonny Greenwood, Jamie Cook and Dave Keuning all giving the Fender Starcaster a strum.

And why not? Not only is the Fender Starcaster a great sounding and playing electric guitar, it looks that bit different to nearly everything else out there, so you can add a bit more individuality to your stage presence!

With its offset waist body, some players might find it a bit more comfortable than a 335-style guitar. And don’t think that the Starcaster is some sort of lightweight, tone-anaemic instrument – despite the semi-hollow maple body construction, there is a lot of solid alder in the centre section to resonate!

With its two humbuckers and semi-hollow construction like a 335, but the standard scale length of a Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, the Fender Starcaster gives you a tone it’s difficult to find anywhere else!

Why not give it a try?


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