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Red Dog Music testing teleportation for deliveries

Red Dog Music testing teleportation for deliveries
The Tele-Caster is currently in testing.

The Tele-Caster is currently in testing.

Red Dog Music, Edinburgh’s Grassmarket’s largest online musical equipment retailer, is testing teleportation to deliver goods to customers, Marketing Manager Guy Perchard claims.

The teleportation devices, potentially called Tele-casters, could deliver packages weighing up to 100kg to customers within 30 nanoseconds of them placing the order, he said.

However, he added that it could take up to fifty years for the service to start.

The UK Ministry of Defence is yet to approve the use of teleportation devices for civilian purposes.

“I know this looks like science fiction, but it’s not,” Mr Perchard said, in an interview conducted exclusively with and by himself.

“We’ve had a look at what other retailers are doing, watched a few episodes of Star Trek, and made something up that sounds impressive. I’ve had a look at our stock lists and there are definitely things called ‘Telecasters’ on there, so I reckon it’s worth a go.”

Tests so far have been entirely unsuccessful.

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