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Fender Starcaster Case? Tricky, but we have a solution!

Fender Starcaster Case? Tricky, but we have a solution!

There were a lot of happy people around when the Fender Starcaster was reissued. However, finding a Fender Starcaster case was a bit more problematic. No fear though! Red Dog Music has a solution!

Fender Starcaster case at Red Dog Music

Finding a Fender Starcaster case

The Fender Starcaster is quite a big guitar, that proper semi-hollow size. Unfortunately for some, although that’s what gives it part of its unique character, the Starcaster has an offset waist – similar to the Jazzmaster and Jaguar –  that makes it quite a different shape to other semi-hollow designs such as Gibson ES-335 style guitars like the Epiphone Sheraton, Casino or Dot.

Hard case for Fender Starcaster

Combine the leftfield shape with the simple fact that there aren’t too many of them about about, and that can make finding a bespoke Fender Modern Player Starcaster hard case a little bit tricky.

What is the solution I hear you ask!

Well, one is to grab a large generic coffin case and have a piece of protective foam custom cut for your guitar. This is a great option, but can be expensive, and also lead to a very heavy case!

Fender Starcaster hard case

We thought we’d see if the Starcaster would fit in a standard case for 335-style guitar. We took one of our favourite cases – the Hiscox STD-EA – and, we are pleased to report, the Fender Starcaster fits!

Now, due to the asymmetrical design of the Starcaster, the fit could be snugger (as you can see from the pictures), but that’s easily dealt with! Simply pick up some packing foam, some adhesive and a bread knife, and you’ve got a perfect-fitting hard case for your Starcaster that’s lightweight, compact and protective!

Happy carrying your Starcaster around with peace of mind!

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