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Red Dog Music Awards: Best of 2013

Red Dog Music Awards: Best of 2013

Now we’re in the closing moments of the year, it seems like a good time to reflect back on the gear that rocked our world in 2013! Let us proudly present…
the Red Dog Music Awards: Best of 2013!

Fender Coronado II

Phil Hopwood: This guitar is absolutely beautiful. It’s a brand-new reissue of a 1965 design made famous by Elvis Presley. At least, I think Elvis used one. He might not have, though. But if he didn’t, then he definitely should have!

Novation Bass Station II

Kirsten Adamson: I love the new Bass Station! It’s really affordable, it’s pretty straight-forward to use for an analogue synth and – best of all – it sounds like the 1980’s in a box!

Elektron Analog Keys

Graeme Urquhart: This new synth from Elektron is really fantastic. It combines the power and versatility of Elektron’s digital sequencers with a polyphonic, dynamic analogue sound engine! Try it!

TC Electronic MP-75

Stewart Chalmers: I know it’s not strictly “2013”, but I’ve just started using it and I’m amazed by the build quality and how stage friendly it is. The pick-up area is really tight so feedback is never an issue and the clarity is comparable to a microphone you’d find in a recording studio.

Moog Sub Phatty

Andy McKay: It’s a Moog for under a grand. Just buy it!

Ableton Push

Fynn Callum: It’s incredibly intuitive, easy to get up and running and you can come up with things you wouldn’t normally think of when using a piano roll or keyboard.

Ru Stewart: Without wanting to sound really cliché, it’s totally revolutionised the way I make music!


Will Baker: This is a easy, affordable and reliable way of integrating samples into your live set. No more worrying about whether you’ve got the right cable for your iPod!

Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI

Sheenagh Murray: Forget downtuning your guitar or playing a 7-string, THIS is what you need! Heavier than heavy!

Niall Barlow: It’s not really a bass and it’s not quite a guitar, but I totally love it! It makes you sound like nothing else.

Faith Naked Mercury

Alex Marten: It’s a really handy, compact size and is nice and comfy to sit around with. It’s surprisingly loud for its size though, just like my little boys!

KORG Volca Beats

Guy Perchard: KORG have been bang-on with their sound-toys this year. The whole Volca range is mind-blowingly good for its price, but the Beats takes the bacon. Superfun analogue nonsense FOREVER for the price of one night in a Premier Inn. DONE!

Neumann KH310

Mike Fletcher: The German legends are better known for setting the standards when with their incredible microphones, but this year they’ve raised the bar with their outrageously good studio monitors.

Orange CR120 combo

Dave Tynan: This amazing combo lets you have that massive, saturated Orange tone without breaking the bank. Compared to other amps of the same power it’s also pretty light, too!

Roland VR-09

Dave Gardner: This awesome stage keyboard has it all! It’s packed full of classic sounds, an analogue-modelling synth, dedicated drawbar organ controls, a Loop Station and out-of-this-world effects.

KORG MS-20 mini

Dickie Dutnall: What’s not to love? This ever-so-slightly-smaller reissue of one of KORG’s most sought-after analogue synthesizers now has MIDI functionality to make it the ultimate noise-maker for the stage and studio.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

Gavin Wiltshire: I love that this interface has enough ins and outs to make it useful in a small/medium studio straight out of the box, but it can also be upgraded with extra pre-amps to make it an affordable recording powerhouse.

Pro Tools 11

Roy Brockington: The industry-standard DAW software now has an updated audio engine for faster bouncing and runs in 64-bit, allowing access to colossal amounts of RAM!

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