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Fender Vaporizer amplifier – new valve combos here!

Fender Vaporizer amplifier – new valve combos here!

The Fender Vaporizer amplifier is one of the latest creations from their Pawn Shop range – the place where products that never were, but look like they should have been – emerge.

Fender Vaporizer Tube Combo at Red Dog Music

Designed with the aesthetic of the atomic age and the space race of the 1950s and ’60s, the Fender Vaporizer evokes memories of folks heading to Las Vegas to catch the latest nuclear bomb test at the Nevada Test Site, and then the excitement of Project Mercury!

Styled like something out of The Jetsons, the Fender Vaporizer certainly looks a little bit different to most other amplifiers out there. It’s not all about looks though…

Fender Vaporizer features

With its two 12AX7 valves in the preamp, and two EL84 valves in the power amp, the Vaporizer gives you 12 Watts of all the Fender tube tone you know and love! AND, unlike a lot of smaller valve amps, the Vaporizer also gives you onboard reverb!

Fender Vaporizer Controls

With a simple trio of control knobs – volume, tone and reverb – the Fender Vaporizer let’s you get the right sound dialled in quickly, but let’s not forget the ‘Vaporizer circuit’… Activated using the included footswitch, the Vaporizer circuit bypasses the volume and tone controls to go straight to a pure, fuzz-overload rock n’ roll tone.

This is it people! The ultimate sound of guitar, valves and 2×10″ speakers, with nothing to get in the way!

And the best news is that we’ve got the Fender Vaporizer in Slate Blue, Surf Green and Rocket Red in stock now!


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