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Roland Aira? Top secret projects from Aira 51

Roland Aira? Top secret projects from Aira 51

Roland Aira: secrets, secrets and secrets. Nope, we don’t know know any more than you do.

– UPDATED 20th March! –

We’ve had our demo units in our Edinburgh branch since last Friday, and we’ve all been impressed. Even those of us who used to own 909s and 303s!

We’ve been on the phone to the lovely people at Roland who tell us, UNEQUIVOCALLY, that our first batch of the Roland TR-8, TB-3 and  VT-3 Airas will be here tomorrow!

We already have a number of pre-orders for those lucky people who should receive their Aira box of musical choice on Monday! If you want to be among the first to get a TR-8, TB-3 or VT-3, get in quickly!

– UPDATED 13th March! –

Our Roland Planet demo stock of the TR8, TB3 and VT3 are arriving tomorrow! We’ll get those set up and ready to play with to keep you busy until the next delivery arrives on the 21st March!

New AIRA Updates!

It’s the 7th of February, and there are some new Aira updates! Take a look at the glut of content up on the AIRA minisite. With not long to go before the official release, it looks as though Roland have left us in little doubt as to what’s coming.

But what’s that thing with the keyboard? We were braced for an 808/909 style of drum machine, and maybe a 303 device, we’ve got the voice transformer thrown in for good measure, but we weren’t expecting anything else… were we?

The secret lab at Roland Aira 51?

Secret projects need a home, surely? What could Roland be putting the finishing touches to? NAMM is just around the corner, and the new Roland Connect 2014 site is live and starting to reveal some new Roland digital pianos, workstations, pedals and percussion gear. However, it’s that ‘Aira’ link at the bottom of the page that’s starting to get people talking…

Roland Aira 808 Video

Currently, the Aira site is fairly sparsely populated, but it looks like we’ve got a few teasers to come. The first one, though, looks like a doozy. It’s a video about the classic Roland TR-808.

A subtle hint perhaps? We’ll certainly be glued to the Roland Aira minisite for updates, and await further clues with a tremulous anticipation.

While the first video is perhaps slightly hyperbolic – I think perhaps electronic music and dance did exist before 1980 (lost in translation, perhaps?) – there is no doubting the impact – like a comet hitting a dinosaur – that the Roland TR-808, and the entire TR range, has had on electronic dance music.

Can you imagine house and techno without the 606, 707,  808, and 909?

Just look at what the Roland TR rhythm synthesisers go for on eBay these days is enough to let you know just how sought-after these units are.

Roland Aira era?

So, what can we expect from the Roland Aira? You can sign up for the mailing list on the Roland Aira site and be among the first to know when there is more news!

Fingers crossed for this one electronic music producers and drumsmiths! We’re looking forward to this one…

More news as soon as it appears!

STOP PRESS: Leaked Aira?

Well. So much for protracted teaser campaigns. Leaked images of what appears to be a/the new Roland product are appearing all over the internet faster than you can hit ‘CTRL+C, CTRL+V’.

And, although we’re sure you’ve all seen it by now (but we don’t want to be left behind), here is the image about which everyone is talking:

Roland Aria TR-08? Leaked image

It is being referred to around and about the web as the ‘Roland TR-08’: an “evolution of the TR-808”. There are currently no specifications, so it’s too early to say whether this Roland Aira machine is analogue, digital, hybrid or any other type of design of which we may or not, be currently aware!

Interestingly, if you watch the Roland Aira TR-808 promo video, eagle-eyed viewers may spot something on the desk at the back from about 0.43. The clues were there folks!

Promisingly at least, regardless of whether this is a true analogue machine or not, one of the things that made hardware drum machines like the 808 and 909 so appealing was the amount of hands-on control. The Roland Aira appears to offer the same…

With a good number of knobs and a fader per sound, it looks like the Aira is going to offer plenty real-time tweakability, so it seems to be off to a good start! Let’s see what we find out over the next few weeks…

Roland AIRA TR-909 teaser video!

On the 21st January, Roland released their latest teaser video for this new Aira product. This time, it features the house and techno classic, the TR-909 Rhythm Composer!

Does this suggest that the forthcoming Roland Aira “TR-08” will give us 808 and 909 sounds in the same box? The countdown continues…


Another Roland AIRA video release

The latest Roland AIRA video is now up and, while still clearly a teaser, we can see a bit more of the unit, in all its lit up, shining-in-the-dark glory!

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