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New Roland products for 2014 – pianos, workstations, more!

New Roland products for 2014 – pianos, workstations, more!

It’s coming up on NAMM time of the year again, and time for the latest round of new products to compete for your attention. Among the first to be announced, these new Roland pieces:

Workstation synthesisers

Roland FA-06 and FA-08

With a huge collection of sounds from the stunning Integra, a sampler derived from the SP-404SX, a 16-track sequencer and studio-quality effects, the Roland FA-6 and FA-08 workstations could be the new centrepiece of your studio!

New Roland gear: Boss OD-1X and Boss DS-1X Overdrive and Distortion PedalsGuitar

Roland OD-1X, DS-1X and ME-80

What guitarist hasn’t used a Boss pedal at some point? My OD-2 is still going strong after years of heavy-booted stomping! Now Boss announce three new pedals for 2014!

Featuring the MDP multi-dimensional processing we saw last year with pedals such as the Tera Echo, the two compact

The OD-1X Overdrive pedal promises to “change your thinking about overdrive pedals forever”.

The DS-1X Distortion kicks it up a notch with a high-clarity distortion for a “playing experience that’s unattainable with analogue distortion pedals”.

Meanwhile, in the world of the multi-effects pedal, the Boss ME-80 gives you the complete guitar tone and recording solution! With 8 simultaneous effects categories, expression pedal, COSM amp modelling and a built-in USB audio/MIDI interface, the Boss ME-80 is all you need to play and record!


Roland TM-2, KT-10 and NE-10/NE-1

A few nice little problem-solvers and upgrades for your Roland V-Drum kit to look forward to.

The KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal uses a sophisticated reverse-action trigger mechanism to produce approximately 75% less noise, meaning you get even more quiet advantages from playing a V-Drum kit!

The battery-powered and compact TM-2 Trigger Module offers 100 sounds ready to supplement your acoustic kit, suitable for all genres. With two trigger inputs, the Roland TM-2 is the perfect way to add some electronic versatility to your acoustic kit!

And we’ll leave the discussion of the Roland NE-10 and NE-1 Noise Eater isolation pads to Roland themselves, with some help from the crazy drummer.

And a gorilla.

Digital Pianos

If you were a digital piano fan, Roland already had an superb range from which to choose. With the release of some more outstanding pianos, the piano that’s perfect for you is in the Roland range:

Roland RD-800

The new Roland RD-800 stage piano rockets “the RD legacy into its next generation, the new RD-800 offers a sleek, updated look and many improvements in sound, feel, and versatility.”

Roland HP508, HP506 and HP504

Featuring Roland’s most recent technologies, the updated HP500 series offers exceptional sound, feel, and features in elegant pianos for the home.

Roland DP90Se and DP90e

Streamlined, elegant, and filled with Roland’s latest high-end features, the updated DP90 series elevates the compact home piano to unmatched levels of luxury and expression. The acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine has been enhanced with a Dynamic Harmonic feature for fortissimo playing, while the ultra-sensitive touch of the newly developed PHA-4 keyboard allows you to harness SuperNATURAL Piano’s tonal variations and natural dynamics like never before.

Roland HPi-50e

Bringing together Roland’s top-level touch, tone, and digital advantages in one attractive, space-saving instrument, the HPi-50e offers premium performance at an incredible value. True piano authenticity is further enhanced with the Dynamic Harmonic feature newly integrated into the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, and the new flagship PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel brings a new level of expression with the latest touch-sensing technology.

Roland LX-15e

The LX-15e brings Roland’s superior piano performance and latest advancements to a space-saving, upright-styled instrument with an elegant and sophisticated presence. True piano authenticity is further enhanced with the Dynamic Harmonic feature newly integrated into the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, while the new flagship PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel offers new levels of expression with the latest touch-sensing technology.


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