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NAMM 2014 New Products

NAMM 2014 New Products

It’s that time of year again! Time to keep an eye out at what’s going to be competing for space in your studio this year. This is the place to keep up to date with our choice picks of the NAMM 2014 new products!

Universal Audio Apollo Twin – Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt Audio InterfaceThe Universal Audio UAD DSP-powered plugins have quite an incredible reputation, from one multi-platinum release to another multi-platinum release, chances are the UAD plugins have been all over it. With the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo and Apollo Twin Duo, those sounds are even easier to come by…

The UAD system has been around for a while, originally as PCI cards, then an ExpressCard version, then the Firewire-connected Satellite units. The release of the Universal Audio Apollo interface was a bit of a game changer though. The UA Apollo gave you all that DSP power in a very well specified audio interface, letting you not only apply the UAD plugins at the mix-stage, but use them in real time while tracking.

Not everyone who wants the DSP power needs that many inputs and outputs though, so the announcement of the Universal Apollo Twin is pretty exciting. Available in two versions – the Apollo Twin Solo and the Apollo Twin Duo – the Apollo Twin offers access to the famous UAD plug-in power!

Featuring two combination inputs that feature Universal Audio’s ‘Unison Mic Preamp’ modelling, instrument input, line and monitor outputs and THUNDERBOLT CONNECTIVITY, the UA Apollo Twin is a lot of audio power on your desktop!


Moog Sub 37 – Analogue Synthesiser

Moog Sub37 analogue synthesiser

It’s a new synth from Moog. Surely that should be all you need to know. Right? Well, okay, Moog have taken on board what people were saying after they released the Sub Phatty and given us a new synth for NAMM 2014: the Moog Sub 37.

Increasing the keyboard to 37 keys made the back panel bigger. What better use of that space than to put some more controls on it? The Moog Sub 37 has plenty of extra functions that don’t have a front panel control, so the extra knobs make quite a difference.

No UK price has been announced yet, but Moog US RRP is £1579, but the Moog Sub 37 is a whole lot of analogue synth!

Sonic State got some serious time with Moog for a nice overview of the features:


Elektron Analog RYTM – Analogue drum machine

We’ve already given this its own post, but we’re so excited by the Elektron Analog RYTM we thought we’d mention it here too.

Quite simply, we love it and we all want one. Done.


Korg MS-20 Kit

Last year, Korg gave us the MS-20 mini and we loved it. Almost everyone loved it. This year, it’s back, it’s full-size, and you can say you built it. It’s the Korg MS-20 kit!


Korg Taktile and Korg Triton Taktile

While USB MIDI controllers have been the centrepiece of many a studio for a while now, there’s still perhaps not the ideal combination of keys, pads, faders, buttons, knobs and other functionality for you. With the Korg Taktile 25, Taktile 49, Korg presents a couple of well-specified controllers for you to consider, and that’s before we even get to the Korg Triton Taktile 25 and Triton Taktile 49

With a choice of 25 or 49 keys, 8/16 pads, faders, x/y pad and knobs on the 49 key versions, and the incredible added bonus of the sound set from the Korg Triton on the Triton Taktile, the Korg Triton range is a serious contender in the USB controller keyboard market!


New Roland Products

Roland seem to have so many new toys for us this year that they’d take over the whole post.

So we gave them their own


Fender Rumble Bass Amlifiers

The Fender Rumble range has always been a bit of a Red Dog Music favourite, but we were all pretty blown away when we saw this new range!

Not only does the new series of Fender Rumble bass amplifiers offer a wide enough range – from a 15W combo to a 500W head with matching 4×10″ and 1×15″ cabs – to virtually guarantee there’s an amp for for you, but they really do look the part as well!

Fender Rumble Bass Amps - NAMM 2014 new gear at Red Dog Music


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