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500 series modules – give your studio a choice of characters!

500 series modules – give your studio a choice of characters!

The 500-series rack system has been around for a while, but has really taken off in the last few years. 500 series modules provide a flexible and modular way of putting the perfect choice of transparency and colour in your studio.

The beauty of the system is in, well, its modularity. With a ‘lunchbox’ full of 500 series modules, you can have the mixture of preamps, compressors, eqs and more that you want!

500 Series Modules and Lunchboxes at Red Dog Music

500 series modules for the dream recording chain!

The 500 series format gives you the flexibility to build the channel strip of your dreams. Take a chassis and start with a preamp. Maybe you like the Focusrite Red 1. Nice choice. Add a compressor, maybe the Rupert Neve Designs 543 takes your fancy. In it goes.

EQ? Perhaps the classic SSL sound takes your fancy, add the classic 4k EQ with the SSL611EQ. Still want to add a bit more to your dream channel strip? What about the Rupert Neve Designs 542 tape emulator?

The modularity of the 500 series format means that things don’t have to remain static. Maybe you love the sound of the preamp and compressor, but you prefer a different eq on a different source? Swap out the module for a different EQ.

Want to use the different components separately at mixdown? Just take all the I/O from your lunchbox out to your patchbay and reconfigure your modules at will. The combinations and permutations of 500 series modules is the perfect way for you to develop your own signature sound.

500 series modules in a lunchbox – the portable signature

And once you’ve developed it, take it with you! The 500 series racks and chassis are really quite portable. The Lindell Audio 506 -Power even comes with its own gig bag! Once you’ve got your ‘signature’ recording chain or mixing toolbox built, you can easily take it from session to session.

API The Box 500-series expandabilityAnd it doesn’t stop at a lunchbox. With products such as the API The Box and the SSL XL-Desk offering you expandability using the 500 series format, every studio can now create its own signature sound and character, from channel strip to console!

With everyone from small, boutique companies to the major studio tech big hitters embracing the 500 series format, it’s certainly going to be around for a long time.

Get in touch and start putting together your perfect – and unique – set of 500 series modules together today!

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