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The 10 best analogue synths under £500

The 10 best analogue synths under £500

There has never been such a great choice of analogue synthesisers at such a tempting price, but therein lies the problem: there is now almost too much choice. How do you know which is right for you? Simple: here is our run-down of the 10 best analogue synths under £500!

The 10 best analogue synths at Red Dog Music

Korg Volca Bass

Korg kicked up a storm when they announced the Volca range last year. So popular that demand is still outstripping supply, the Korg Volca trinity is going to be a huge hit. With the recent price reduction to £99, can there be a better value way to put some analogue in your studio?

The Korg Volca Bass offers three oscillators and a sequencer. Imagine a 303 with three oscillators! Seriously! But the Volca bass goes beyond that. Who knows how it will be thought of in thirty years…

Korg Volca Keys

I was initially underwhelmed by the Korg Volca Keys, I’ll admit I thought that this was nothing compared to the Bass and Beats. I was very, very wrong. The Volca Keys is now my favourite of the three!

Korg Monotribe

The Korg Monotribe has been about for a while, but still merits its place in our 10 best analogue synths list. Why? Well, it’s a great price at only £118 and it’s great fun! Take it on the go with you for portable inspiration striking music-making with the synth, drum machine and sequencer!

Waldorf Rocket

Should the Waldorf Rocket be in a list of the best analogue synths? Well, with its digital oscillator, possibly not, but that filter is all analogue, and that’s part of the reason we love it. Oh, and it’s streamlined programming controls and price not only make it great for the synth programming beginner, but just great fun synthy goodness for anyone!

Arturia Microbrute

Some may lament the loss of one of the envelope generators, but when you look at the price of the Arturia Microbrute, it’s hard not to love it. And just listen to some of the sounds you can get from it!

Waldorf Pulse 2

Three oscillators of analogue synthesiser in a handy desktop module for £399? The Waldof Pulse 2 can do everything. Basses, pads, leads, house chord stabs, FX… Get it hooked up to your DAW and put some authentic analogue alongside your soft-synths!

Novation Bass Station II

You really need to get your hands on a Novation Bass Station II. With this amount of front-panel controls for £369, you’ll be programming, tweaking and editing some thick, analogue patches to your heart’s content!

Arturia Minibrute

Their first foray into the world of analogue, the Arturia Minibrute offers something that little bit different, and that’s why it’s on our best analogue synths list. With just one oscillator, but with the ability to dial in different waveforms, and the unusual Steiner-Parker multimode filter, the Arturia Minibrute doesn’t sound like anything else…

Moog Minitaur

It’s a Moog. And you can get it for under £500. Need I go on? It’s hard to get much more legendary than Moog in the analogue synth world, and the Moog Minitaur continues that heritage. While there are enough controls on the front panel to keep you going for quite some time, you’ll find even more analogue tweakability when you go under the hood with the editor…

Korg MS-20 mini

It’s straight out of 1978, but with MIDI and USB controllability. Just look at the Korg MS-20 mini. Much like the Volcas, this made a huge noise when it was announced. A huge, thick, two-oscillator analogue noise!

Try it. Tweak it. Patch it. Oh, and with its new price of only £399, it really is something special!

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