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Beginners’ guide to mixing – thank you iZotope!

Beginners’ guide to mixing – thank you iZotope!

iZotope have made a serious mark in the pro-audio world with products such as Alloy and Ozone being mixing and mastering favourites. What will make you like iZotope even more is that they’ve produced and made available to you – FOR FREE – a superb beginners’ guide to mixing ebook. Thanks iZotope!

Mixing for beginners

Mixing for beginners

If you’re fairly new to recording, the mix can be a tricky thing to start to get your head around. In particular, if you’re recording larger bands, or sessions with lots of parts and overdubs, you can end up with a lot of tracks playing together at the same time. How do you make each one heard?

Mixing with iZoptope Alloy 2A lot of the time it can be about harsh decisions. You’ve got a beautiful-sounding, stereo-recorded acoustic guitar part, but really it’s just supposed to be playing a supporting role in the song. You hit the solo button and it sounds sweet, but in the mix it’s just too big. Time to be ruthless with those eq cuts. Now the mix sounds clear and uncluttered, but, in isolation, the acoustic sounds terrible.

But that’s the point of mixing. It’s not about making every part sound its best, it’s about making the track sound its best, and that can mean compromising how each part sounds in isolation.

A beginners’ guide to mixing from iZotopeMixing with Alloy 2

And that’s what this wonderful guide from iZotope is all about. It  covers all the basics, from listening to the mixes, discussing the goal of the mix with the client, to compression, eq, effects and everything else you need to know.

While you will get a long way to a decent-sounding mixes just by pulling out a preset from the excellent Alloy 2, reading this guide will help you go beyond that and take you beyond what you can achieve with presets alone.


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