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Tell-tale signs you’re gear obsessed and own too much music equipment

Tell-tale signs you’re gear obsessed and own too much music equipment

1 – Your monthly contents insurance bill is more expensive than your rent.

Les Paul 59 Goldtop
Yeah, you probably should have a few of those guitars logged as ‘listed items’ with your insurer, but it puts your premiums up so much! You could probably get hold of another ’57 Les Paul Gold-Top for £500 minus the excess, right?… RIGHT?!

2 – You’re so ashamed of your gear-lust, you hide music store catalogues inside dirty magazines.

Judge a book by its cover
Spanish politician Miguel Angel Revilla was snapped secretly ogling some top-notch eye candy during a parliamentary sessions earlier this year. Check out the curves on that Admira Spanish guitar! Phwooaar.

3 – You exclusively eat omelettes because you’re stocking up on egg cartons to line your walls.

Egg cartons
You know that egg cartons only diffuse sound by bouncing it in different directions, right? It doesn’t work as sound-proofing. Your neighbours will still complain about your 4am Trip-Hop sessions.

4 – Not noticing the ridiculously hot singer in a band because you’re trying to figure out what microphone they’re using.

Jared Leto
Yup, I’m 99% sure that’s a Shure PGX24 system with a Beta 58 mic. It’s like a regular SM58 with improved dynamic and frequency response with minimal handling noise. Jared who?

5 – People mistake your spare bedroom for a guitar shop.

Bedroom full of guitars
“Oh, hi there! I noticed that gorgeous Tele in your window when I was out for a walk yesterday and I just wanted to know how much it costs? I couldn’t see a price ticket… Oh… It’s not for sale?… That’s your house? I was peeking in your bedroom window?… Oh, I don’t think you need to get the police involved, really…”

6 – You’ve circuit-bent all your kids favourite toys.

Circuit bent Furby
Now they expect you to buy them new toys to replace their screeching Furby and glitching V-Tech Alphabet Apple. What a shame you just maxed out your credit card upgrading your patch cables.

7 – You’re on first-name terms with everyone that works at your local music store.

Guitar store

You’re always a little bit terrified when you see someone new working there. Do they know you? Do they understand what a good customer you are? Do they realise just how much discount to give you?!

8 – There’s a constant stream of people walking across the zebra crossing outside your home.

Abbey Road crossing

Oh, you weren’t in sync that time? Don’t worry about it, I’m sure the traffic can wait. That ambulance back there? No matter. You just take your time and make sure you get the photo right.

9 – You’re not entirely sure what year your child was born in, but you know the year your favourite synth was released.

ARP Odyssey

The Arp Odyssey? 1972. Easy. Oberheim OB-1? 1978. C’mon now, give me a challenge. The Synton Syrinx? Oooh, good one. 1983 though, obviously. Little Bobby? I have absolutely no idea… Which company made tha-OH YOU MEAN MY SON?! Ooooh!….

No idea.

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