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Acid House, TR-8, TB-3 and Max

Acid House, TR-8, TB-3 and Max

Here at Red Dog Towers, we like to try and bring you news of things that might make your ears prick up. And what makes ears prick up more than free things?

If you’re a Max for Live user and a fan of acid house, then take a look at Sting: an M4L device that creates instant acid house patterns to play through your 303 plugin of choice:

If you’re not overly-familiar with acid house, take a read of this excellent article and have your eyes opened, and your ears destroyed by screaming, resonant filters. There’s just something about those squelchy sounds that aren’t sure whether they want to be the bass or a lead line: Higher State of Consciousness anyone? We love acid house, and acid techno, and some hard acid too. But, mostly, we like this:

If you’re lacking in the virtual 303 department, take a look at the freeware Synthmaker-made 303, or the original Tau Muon (which you can get by liking their Facebook page). Program a simple pattern, hit play alongside a basic 909-style house beat, and tweak away!

Acid House Smiley face - the historyThe Roland TR-8 and TB-3 for acid house?

Of course, with the recent release of the Roland TR-8 and TB-3, you’re covered in hardware too! No, the new Roland Aira units aren’t just for acid, that does them a disservice: the 303 sound can fit in anywhere. Why not add it to your folktronica band?

All that said, they do sound great for acid so, if you’re short of inspiration or shrouded in a miasma of creative block, then send the Sting pattern out of your DAW and into the MIDI ins on your TB-3, then get to work on those cutoff and resonance knobs!

When the original TR-808, TR-909 and TB-303 were around, they were never intended for what ended up making them famous. Time will tell what people find that these new tools can do, it should certainly be fun finding out…

Yellow happy face not included.

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