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Waves to release virtual producer plugin

Waves to release virtual producer plugin

Waves plugins will need no introduction to most. From their bread and butter mixing tools and acclaimed mastering devices, to their modelled representations of some of the finest analogue equipment from the past and present, Waves plugins have been a part of countless hits over the past few years.

However, having access to the sounds of all that classic gear in your DAW is one thing, but the equipment is only one part of what made those legendary records sound so good. After all, what would the EMI desks of Abbey Road have given us without a George Martin?

The new Waves Virtual Producer plugin aims to address just that.

We’re big fans of Waves – and we attend the right swanky parties and schmooze the right people – so we can exclusively bring you news of this latest paradigm shift in modelling plugin technology!

Red Dog Music with the lowdown on the forthcoming Waves Virtual Producer PluginThe next generation of modelling plugins!

Waves Virtual Producer ‘models’ the trademark sounds of those incredible producers who have left such a legacy across numerous musical genres.

The plugin is based on modern machine-learning algorithms such as Support Vector Machines and k-means clustering, combined with Waves’ proprietary spectral modelling technology – Applied Panoramic Recursive Intelligent Linear Function Origin Ordinate Learning –  to ‘learn’ the characteristic signatures from tracks produced by those famous names from behind the glass.

I can virtual producer plugin!

By listening to numerous tracks by these producers, the modelling software develops sonic signatures and song structures that are characteristic of each producer. By applying the two parts of the plugin in your DAW – an instance of the ‘channel’ plugin on each individual track and the ‘bus’ plugin across the stereo master, Waves Virtual Producer adjusts numerous parameters to give your song the sonic flavour of having been produced by your production idol of choice!

While the list of producers is not explicit, the names give you an idea of what to expect from the different producer models, with a choice of Georgie Martino, Noel Rogers, Steve Albinoni, The Jupiters and Joe Humble to assist you in your studio.

A spartan interface belies the power that lies beneath…

Plugin parameters allow you to dial in how much spectral matching and arrangement matching takes place, let’s you control the overall depth of the effect and how it blends with your existing mix and arrangement, as well as a ‘Hard Mod’ button that exaggerates the process if you’re going for more of a ‘caricature’ of a specific producer’s sound.

The plugin can also take advantage of other Waves plugins on your system to deliver an even more authentic sound. Imagine: if you have the Mercury bundle in your DAW, Virtual Producer can dial in the appropriate outboard from Waves modelled compressors and eqs, sum everything in the appropriate console sound from NLS, and add the right amount of tape flavour with Kramer Master Tape.

Waves models of classic hardware are already studio staples, with this latest evolution in plugin modelling technology, who know what the future will hold! Waves Virtual Producer is due for release soon and we’ll keep you updated with the latest developments. If you want to know how your 4-piece beat combo would have sounded if you’d had a recording session at Abbey Road in 1964 with the man himself, this is the plugin you’ll want in your DAW!

Strange how these product breakthroughs usually seem to be announced on this date, isn’t it? I seem to recall we got our first news of the Roland V-Kazoo around this time of the year as well…

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