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Roland C330 Organ – digital organ, authentic sound

Roland C330 Organ – digital organ, authentic sound

The Roland C330 Organ

Roland C-330 Digital OrganThe sound of a real pipe organ in a good space is, quite simply, astounding. There can be few sounds  that can affect you emotionally and physically as the air moved by a large pipe organ.

Unfortunately for most, having one in your house, or in your place of worship, simply isn’t possible due to space, engineering, and budgetary constraints. While you may have access to some organ sounds on your keyboard, the sound generally doesn’t quite compare.

Introducing the Roland C330 digital organ, possibly the best home organ available.

The Roland C330 is your way to put those inspiring sounds – not only of the pipes, but the rooms as well – under your hands and feet.

Hear the Roland C330 digital organ

How can a digital organ that you can fit in your living room possibly compare to a baroque classic that weighs several tons and is often, quite literally, a part of the building? Well, call in and take a listen!

We recorded a selection of the C330 built-in demo songs by simply connecting the line-outputs of the organ to an Audient iD22 interface and recording into Ableton Live. No additional effects or eq has been added to these demos, this is all the C330.

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The Rodgers Voice Engine inside the Roland C330 home organ

Since 1958, Rodgers has been associated with innovation and quality in the world of organs. After all, it was Rodgers that developed the first solid-state electronic organs, as well as the first transistor organ amplifier and other advances in organ technology.

Rodgers certainly had the experience in electronic organs, even before the switch to digital when their organs used analogue oscillators to generate their basic sounds. If you needed any more convincing of their credentials, it was a Rodgers organ that Carnegie Hall commissioned when they wanted to add authentic pipe organ sounds without a large collection of pipes changing the acoustics of the hall.

The dedication performance of the new Rodgers organ in Carnegie Hall was covered in Time Magazine: “… the hall showed off its newest feature – a behemoth that can growl, sing, tinkle, purr and blast in a way unmatched by any other organ.” If a Rodgers organ is good enough for Carnegie Hall…

While many competitors made the switch to digital early, Rodgers stuck with analogue sound generation until 1990. They didn’t make the switch until they had a digital technology that genuinely sounded superb. It is this experience that you get inside a Roland digital organ.

A digital organ with an authentic sound puts a pipe organ in your home

With the Rodgers sound engine inside the Roland C330 organ, you are already well on the way to an incredible pipe organ sound in your home or place of worship, but the sound of a pipe organ is about more than the pipes…

The distinctive sound of a pipe organ in a good space comes from the way the organ interacts with the room, and this is where the Roland RSS (Roland Sound Space) modelling comes in. RSS is able to accurately model a range of spaces, from cathedrals to concert halls.

The modelling of the acoustic environment, combined with the movable satellite speakers that you can place on the wall or ceiling, recreate the immersive and enveloping sound of playing and hearing a real pipe organ in an incredible space.

Roland C330 Dark Oak home organ at Red Dog Music

A variety of classic organ sounds, pitches and temperaments

With the Roland C330, you aren’t limited to a single organ sound. From a choice of the baroque organs from the 17th and 18th centuries, to the later sound of the romantic organs, the C330 lets you store and recall your favourite sounds with the touch of a piston.

In addition to the range of organ sounds, the C330 also features four types of pitches and a choice of equal temperament or 8 classical temperaments allowing you to play a piece in the appropriate tuning of the period, and tune back all at the touch of a button.

With with highly flexible pipe-voicing capability, Windchest panning, and controls for Chiff, Warmth, Presence and more all instantly recallable from and saveable to USB memory, your favourite sounds are never far away.

Want that bit extra? What about the Roland C380?

If you are looking to add to the already impressive range of sounds of the C330, the Roland C380 might be for you.

The C380 adds divisional pistons, perfect for building complex ensembles. The C380 also adds dedicated Manual I/Manual II memory pistons, as well as 3 coupler pistons in addition to the coupler tablets, allowing you to easily move from one registration setting to another.

Additionally, the I/P ENCLOSED piston allows you to easily expand the control of the expression pedal from Manual II to all divisions.

A digital organ to demo – Roland C330 organ on display, ready to play!

At our Roland Planet at Red Dog Music in Edinburgh, we have a Roland C330 on display, ready for you to come in and play. While we can talk about the sounds and specifications, nothing beats having the opportunity to feel the dual-manual tracker-action keyboard and concave pedalboard of the instrument, and hear it directly.

Our in-store Roland expert is available to answer any specific questions you may have about Roland’s digital home organs, as well as any other Roland product.

If you have any questions about the Roland Classic Series, or just want to call in to try a Roland C330 and find out just how good it is, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below or through the usual methods, or just feel free to stop by the Roland Planet in Red Dog Music Edinburgh.

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