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Focusrite RedNet now at Red Dog Music

Focusrite RedNet now at Red Dog Music

The Focusrite RedNet system is truly a game changer in the pro-audio world. It’s now a game you can change with Red Dog Music in Edinburgh and London as we are proud to be an official Focusrite RedNet dealer!

Red Dog Music- Focusrite RedNet dealer

Chris Lord-Alge uses RedNet

Focusrite RedNet ethernet audio solutions

I hate the words “solution” and “solutions” in this context and enjoy the Private Eye column that pokes gentle fun at brands that use these words to try and sound important. In the case of the Focusrite RedNet system though, it truly is a solution. It solves a problem.

Let’s say you have a studio with two control rooms and two live rooms. Currently, you have large multicores and wall-boxes linking live room 1 with control room 1, and live room 2 with control room 2. What do you do when you want to track the grand piano that is in studio 1 into control room 2?

Or maybe you want to get that unique ambiance of recording in the stairwell, or the auditorium in another part of the building? Wouldn’t things be much simpler if you could just open a window on your computer and repatch the preamps from studio 1 into your control room of choice with a couple of mouse clicks?

What about recording in that other space? Imagine just taking your mobile rack and plugging it in to the building’s ethernet system with a single ethernet cable, and having all those inputs available back in the control room.

With RedNet, all that, and more, is possible.

Using the Focusrite RedNet range with Pro Tools

We should probably say at this point that it’s not just about the flexibility of the routing. The Focusrite RedNet series features the most impressive preamp and conversion technology that Focusrite has ever assembled!

Oh, and did we say latencies as low as 150 μs?

Focusrite RedNet driving sessions and performances

Sitting here at my desk in a writer’s frame of mind, it’s harder to come with examples of how RedNet can be used, but when you’re in the studio, recording on location or engineering live sessions (particularly ones that involve carry spectacularly heavy stage-boxes and multicores, wouldn’t it be easier with a single length of CAT6?) and you quickly come across all those instances where flexible audio routing would be a time, money or effort saver!

With that said, here are a few examples – from studio, to live, to education – to get you thinking about how it can make your audio life, not only more straightforward, but also lift it up a level…

RedNet Dog Music

As an official Focusrite RedNet dealer, our boxed units are in-stock, our demo rack of the RedNet range is on its way, and we’ll have plenty more in the way of information, reviews and tutorials when it gets here. In the meantime, to request more information about RedNet, or to schedule an on-site demo to see it at work in your own system, you can contact us using the forms below (there are forms for whether you would prefer to contact our Edinburgh or London branches)  and one of our RedNet specialists will be in touch! Alternatively, you can get in touch through the usual channels.

Contact our Edinburgh RedNet Specialist

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Contact our London RedNet Specialist

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Dawsons Music is delighted to announce that the Red Dog Music brand is now part of the Dawsons family. This is an exciting opportunity to bring both communities together and create a stronger, wider network of people passionate about music gear. We both share a common heritage to support musicians throughout the UK and Dawsons want to support Red Dog Music customers in their continued musical journey.

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