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Focusrite RedNet setup guide

Focusrite RedNet setup guide

The Focusrite RedNet system is a grand leap forward in the world of audio, but if you’re used to connecting your audio interfaces using Firewire, USB or PCI card, moving into networked audio might seem like you’ll be spending a lot of time up to your ears in IP addresses and the network configuration pages of your operating system. Fortunately though, the RedNet setup process is incredibly easy…

RedNet setup guide

RedNet setup guide - Dante Virtual SoundcardHaving just set up a RedNet system on my own laptop this morning, I can safely – and genuinely – say that I think from a freshly started boot of OSX to recording into Ableton Live took me a little over 5 minutes.

As I was using RedNet on my laptop, without using the PCIe card in an external Thunderbolt chassis, I first downloaded and installed the Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) from Audinate.

After a pain-free installation on Mavericks, I opened the DVS application and hit the virtual power button. Seems a bit unnecessary, you’d think the program would know that you had opened it because you wanted to use it, but there you go…

Focusrite RedNet installation guide - Dante Controller softwareAfter that, I plugged a RedNet 4 into my network port and powered up the very sleek red box.

The next step was to open the Dante Controller program. This showed me that I had a RedNet 4 connected, and I mapped the 8 input ‘transmitters’ to the corresponding 8 Dante ‘receivers’ with a quick right click in the appropriate boxes.

A quick check in the audio settings showed me that the Dante Virtual Soundcard was being seen by the OS as an audio device, so it was time to open the DAW!

I opened up Ableton Live, opened the audio preferences, selected the DVS as my audio device, enabled the inputs and was about ready to record.

RedNet setup - audio preferences

There was an SM58 plugged into the RedNet 4 ready to go, it was time to monitor Live’s inputs…

I chose an audio channel, chose an external input, saw the promising green bar next to input 8, selected it and all was well and good. The record button was hit, and a quick clip was recorded.redNet Setup- input monitoring

I was genuinely impressed. Setting up the RedNet box really was that straightforward, with no messing about in any complicated network settings pages involved.

The next step was to try with a network switch.

And that was even more straightforward. A completely plug and play experience, I just unplugged the RedNet 4 from my computer and into the switch, then connected my computer to the switch as well. Back into the Dante controller, and there was the RedNet 4, then things were tested with the quick clip recording test.

For this setup test, I was still on my mixing buffer size of 512 samples, and you can see I had an overall latency of 41.4 ms. Bringing that down to 64 samples brought the latency down as you would expect, but as I was just recording a quick vocal test, I’ll not say much about recording performance until I’ve tested it further in a more appropriate environment.

All in all then, very impressed. Setting up this first, basic RedNet system was very straightforward, and didn’t require any specialist computer knowledge, which is very reassuring for trouble-free day-to-day use.

Now to get the rest of the range hooked up…

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