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The Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord

The Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord

The Roland C30 digital harpsichord lets you experience the elegance of baroque music in your own home. Whether you are playing solo or ensemble pieces, the Roland C30 gives you the authentic sounds and playing feel for baroque music.

Whether you use the C30 for practice, performing, or simple enjoyment, its sound, feel and look all demonstrate the incredible work that Roland have done with this keyboard.

Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord

Features of the Roland C30

Featuring 61 keys with “click action” F-Scale touch, the Roland C30 digital harpsichord is not simply ‘a’ harpsichord. It offers the choice of a French or Flemish-style harpsichord, fortepiano, dynamic harpsichord, each with four stop variations: 8’I (back), 8’II (front), 4’ and Lute as well as two positive small-pipe organ sounds.

The Roland C30 offers several tuning options including baroque pitch (415Hz) and Versailles pitch (392Hz), which can be switched instantly without changing the temperament (classical tuning).

A total of five tunings are supported. In addition to equal temperament, the C30 also offers are Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti and Meantone.

Listen to the Roland C30 digital harpsichord

Hearing is believing, so we have recorded the sound directly from the outputs of the Roland C30 using our pristine Audient iD22 interface, recording into Ableton Live Suite and converting to 320 kbps mp3 using Steinberg Wavelab. No additional effects or processing were added.

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Roland C30 HarpsichordThe advantages of a digital harpsichord

As a harpsichord that uses digital technology, the Roland C30 offers a number of advantages over an acoustic harpsichord.

The first of these is portability. The Roland C30 can easily be transported for practice or concerts in most average cars. It is sufficiently lightweight that it can be carried from room to room as required.

Being digital, the Roland C30 does not require tuning. Its tuning will not be affected by temperature and humidity, and you can quickly switch between historical tuning methods –  and back again – with the push of a button.

With an onboard volume control and a headphone socket, you can play at the right level for the environment or the performance, and play quietly into the night without disturbing anyone.

Try the Roland C30 harpsichord

While hearing is one thing, it’s the playing feel that the player requires for an authentic harpsichord. We have a Roland C30 harpsichord ready to play in our Edinburgh store so you can hear and feel the authentic harpsichord sounds and keyboard feel yourself.

If you have any questions or require any additional information on the Roland C30, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the usual ways or by using the form below.


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