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Interview: Roman Nose

Interview: Roman Nose
Roman Nose - Photo by David P. Scott

Roman Nose – Photo by David P. Scott

There is a very defined aesthetic and strong visual aspect to your music, is this handled within the band?
Yeah, everything is done inhouse between the 3 of us. Bulletbeard deals mostly with the visual aspect of the band, Young Chetin with the production side of things and GP with the music. But at times we do all contribute to each others ‘role’

Your 2nd EP “Long Live Our Friend The Revolver!” is a little more contemplative than your ballsy début “Youthclubbed”. What can listeners expect from your next release?
We’re currently working on our debut album at the moment. We have around 20 tunes to choose from with the plan to collaborate with some vocalists on a few of them. The newer stuff is pretty dark and hard but we’ll see how it pans out in the next few months.

What DAW software do you use?
We started off on Cubase then jumped ship to ACID 6, we found it was much quicker for generating ideas so we still use if for sketches. We also use Ableton for writing and for live purposes.

What equipment do you use to perform live?
Live Drum Kit, Bass Guitar, Modul8, Ableton, the ‘every band has one’ Microkorg, Arturia Soft Synths, KaossPad, 2x Macbook Pros, 2x Firecracker Strobes, Mackie 16 Channel desk with onboard FX, Vivitek Short Throw Projector and a battered old smoke machine!

Why did you decide to start performing with an acoustic drumkit rather than electronic drums?
We decided to try it last year at T In The Park performance when we introduced our ‘Projection Cage’ we just wanted to bring more of a live feel to the tunes.

What was your best ever gig?
So far it has to be our Wickerman performance last year. We had a full house and the crowd we’re amazing, right up for it! Hopefully we will be asked back in the future

… and the worst?
That prize would have to go to our Belladrum performance. We were put down for a 5pm in the afternoon slot in a tent on the edge of the festival. We couldn’t use our ‘projection cage’ due to to much light. Yeah that was a long drive for a total letdown! Still, good festival though!

If you could play at one festival – anywhere in the world – which would it be?

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