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What are the Fender Personality Cards?

What are the Fender Personality Cards?

Strats have always been great for modding. Swap out your pickups, change the values of the tone capacitors, alter the wiring harness to change how the tone and volume controls interact. You could make your Strat your own. With the Fender personality cards though, things just got easier.

Fender Personality Cards on the Deluxe Strat

Multiple Fender Personality Cards

The thing with modifying your guitar though, is that you’ve had to get in with the soldering iron, so the changes were, at least, semi-permanent; you wouldn’t want to change your settings during the break between sets for example…

Also, there was always the worry about resale value. Is your guitar worth as much when it’s not 100% original?

With a Fender American Deluxe Strat though, the Fender personality cards let you mod solder-free and you can keep your guitar original!

Solder-less modifications

The Fender personality cards are not digital modelling or anything like that, they are 100 analogue and are simply a way of rewiring your Strat without having to rewire your Strat.

The American Deluxe Strat ships with the Standard Strat card installed, and includes two additional personality cards, the Blender, which blends the pickups together, and the Cutter, which turns the two tone controls into master bass and treble cut circuits. The additional cards also include a selection of DIP switches, allowing further wiring modifications on the same card.

The easiest way to think of the system is to imagine that the wires coming out of your pickups aren’t connected directly to the switch and the volume and tone controls. Picture all of those electrical contacts in your guitar being connected to a small patchbay; nothing directly connected to anything else. When you plug in the card, it wires things together in a certain way.

The Fender personality cards simply wire together the different components of your Strat, just as if you changed the connections by moving wires around yourself. Just without having to use a soldering iron, and doing it in 5 seconds.

The Fender personality card system is a great way to experiment with modding, without having to mod!

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