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M-Audio M-Track Quad – Portability, Preamps & Pro-Tools!

M-Audio M-Track Quad – Portability, Preamps & Pro-Tools!

A four input audio interface you can carry to the rehearsal room, and a copy of Pro-Tools Express to record on while you’re there? Take a look at our great deal on the M-Audio M-Track Quad for only £149!

M-Audio M-Track Quad at Red Dog Music

We’ve got a handful of these interfaces on an incredible B-Stock deal, but they won’t hang around for long!

M-Track Quad -raphonics

Let’s take a look at the specifications. The M-Audio M-Track Quad gives you 4 combination inputs, switchable for connecting your mics, guitars, keyboards, or probably any other source you need to get recorded! And with 24-bit/96 kHz audio capability, you’ll be able to record with plenty of dynamic range and at great quality.

The microphone inputs also offer phantom power so you can get your condenser microphones powered up and there are four insert points for connecting your outboard gear after the mic-preamps if you want to add some eq or compression during recording.

You get four outputs on the back – as well as a headphone output on the front – so you can connect two pairs of monitors or one pair and some outboard gear if you want to take advantage of some tasty signal processing during the mix.

M-Track rear view

Additionally, not only do you get MIDI inputs and outputs for connecting your synths and other gear, but the M-Track Quad is also a USB hub, giving you another three USB connections for your assorted bits ‘n’ pieces.

And one of those bits ‘n’ pieces is included in the box: your shiny new iLok 2 – worth £39! And what could that iLok 2 be for? Well, you’ll be wanting that to run your included copy of Pro Tools Express, the perfect version of the software to get you up and running and learning your way ’round the software the professionals use.

All in all then, this is a pretty special deal. Maybe you’re putting your first studio together, perhaps you’re upgrading to an interface with more inputs, or maybe you want a portable recording solution you can take to record in the rehearsal room. This is the interface to get it done, and the software you get it finished!

At this price, they won’t be on the shelf for long, so don’t delay!

As always, if you have any questions or queries about the M-Track Quad just give as a call or email.

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