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Yamaha HS Monitors: the legacy of the NS10, but so much more…

Yamaha HS Monitors: the legacy of the NS10, but so much more…

The Yamaha HS range of monitors might look a bit familiar if you enjoy gear-spotting in photographs of the world’s biggest studios, but, while the famous heritage is there, the HS monitors are a different kettle of fish entirely…

Yamaha HS monitor range at Red Dog MusicThe Yamaha NS10 is a studio icon, and that legacy is carried forward with the white woofers of the Yamaha HS monitors. The NS10 was renowned for its mid-range – great for mixing vocals and hearing how mixes might translate – but the HS series go a bit beyond that.

Listening through the Yamaha HS monitors

I spent a bit of time with the Yamaha HS7 and HS8 monitors, listening to a range of music including Speedy J, Alison Krauss, Jacqueline du Pre, Augustus Pablo and Bad Lieutenant and A/B-ing between the monitors.

As expected, the HS8 offered that little bit ‘extra’ when listening to techno and dub reggae compared to the HS7s by virtue of the bigger woofers, but the HS7 was still a great performer, and would be particularly useful in smaller rooms, where too much bass extension might be problematic.

Where the HS7 really shone though, was when listening to Alison Krauss & Union Station’s My Poor Old Heart. It sounded great on the HS8, but switching to the smaller HS7 really brought the mid-range out and the clarity with which you could hear the vocal was simply outstanding.

Just what you want when mixing what is generally the most important aspect of your mix.

The Yamaha HS series of monitors – the HS5, HS7 and HS8 – are a great choice and should definitely be on your ‘to audition’ list. When you consider the choice of three woofer sizes, and the extended bass response offered by the HS8S subwoofer, you can put together just the right system to match your room and styles of music.

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