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RME Summer Specials

RME Summer Specials

If you have one the wide range of RME interfaces in your studio, you can be pretty convinced that the way into and out of your DAW is not the weakest link in your chain.

And with the RME Summer Savings deal, you can put that famed quality in your studio and save!

RME Summer Savers at Red Dog Music

RME interfaces: transparency

No, you can’t see through them, but RME interfaces are known for putting back out what you put into them, without colouring the sound. From their microphone preamps to their converters, RME are about cleanliness of your audio.

If you want a particular character, chances are you’ll be getting that with your choice of mic and outboard preamps or signal processors, what RME will do is take that character and get it into your DAW in the condition it comes out your mic or your outboard. Then it does the same on the way back out.

RME interfaces at Red Dog Music: Babyface

Make no mistake, RME make quality interfaces, preamps and converters.

And now is the time for RME Summer Savings!

It being summer an’ all.

RME’s German-engineered audio interfaces have long been known for their class-leading performance, unique features and bullet-proof reliability.  But they now also come with an incredibly tempting price tag!

Add the awesome power of RME’s flagship Fireface UFX, the next-generation Fireface 802, the feature-packed Fireface UCX, classic Fireface UC or the small but mighty Babyface to your set-up and you won’t just be making a big saving…

As an official UK RMExpert Centre Red Dog Music are also able to give you complete peace of mind with a 5 year RME warranty.  And remember, this belt-and-braces backup is ONLY available through select UK RMExperts like us.  You won’t get a 5 year warranty anywhere else.

Like the British Summer, these prices might not be around for very long.  So make sure you’re not left out in the cold and grab yourself a real bargain today. Let’s take a little look at the interfaces on offer:

SAVE £50! The RME Babyface is the perfect on-the-go interface, although it’s at home in the studio as it is on location. The RME Babyface gives you a total complement of 10 inputs and 12 outputs (2/4 analogue I/O) with 2 mic preamps, MIDI I/O and more!

RME Interfaces at Red Dog Music: RME Fireface UCX

The RME Fireface UC – SAVE £100 – and UCX – SAVE £160 – are the choice for studio or portable RME power, with plenty of anlogue I/O on-board. The Fireface UC lets you hook up via USB, the UCX offers a choice of USB or Firewire connectivity and improved digital conversion.

SAVE £90! The Fireface 800 is a proven performer. Released in 2004, the Fireface 800 has been working hard in racks around the world for years, and it’s still going strong. With it’s 10 analogue ins and outs, pair of ADAT ins and outs, in addition to S/PDIF connectivity and a choice of mic preamps and instrument interfaces, the Firface 800 may be getting on, but it still does the business!

SAVE £80! The RME Fireface 802 builds on the legacy of the 800 with 60 channels of audio connectivity for your system. With the connectivity options you need, the low-latency and reliability for which RME is famed and operation up to 192 kHz, the Fireface 802 gets it done!

RME interfaces at Red Dog Music: Fireface UFXSAVE £70! The Fireface UFX is where it’s at for 1U rack interfaces. Firewire and USB connectivity, 60 channels of audio, digitally controlled high-end preamps, reference class converters and full 192 kHz operation, active jitter suppression, professional reference level support, advanced stand-alone functionality, RME’s unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox… Need we go on?

Summer is the time to save on RME interfaces!


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