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Roland System-1 Plugout synth is here- SH-101 coming soon!

Roland System-1 Plugout synth is here- SH-101 coming soon!

The Roland Aira series tore up the press, social medial and the online fora as soon as it was announced, and things didn’t really change much once they appeared. We’ve had a to wait a little bit longer for the Roland System-1, but now it’s here everyone has been chomping at the bit (depth) to see just how close to analogue this digital beast can sound.

Roland System-1 Plugout synth

We’ve had one out to demo with its Aira brethren since the start of the week, and it can cover an impressively wide range of sounds from soft and plucky to harsh and dirty with everything in-between!

That said though, the big deal about the Roland System-1 was this use of the term plugout synthesiser, and that’s what’s just around the corner…

Roland SH-101 plugoutWe’ve all been using plugin synths for years now. Want a classic vintage monosynth that begins with the letter ‘m’ and rhymes with everybody’s favourite canine meme (if you pronounce it the way we’re supposed to)? Just load the plugin.

Want to tap the legendary sounds of a synth with the same name as Dana’s baby in Ghostbusters 2, or an annoying summer insect that ruins picnics without even making honey? Load a plugin.

But what if you like your hardware and want to play without having your laptop on stage? Tricky. Unless you can afford to buy the synths themselves.

Not a problem anymore with the Roland System-1. Load your plugout synth of choice onto the hardware, then take it away. As Roland themselves show us…

The first of these ‘plug out’ synths to appear will be a model of the – really quite iconic – Roland SH-101. There are a few versions of this around, but this one from Roland sounds pretty good. And it should, given that they made it in the first place.

The better news is that this plugout will be available imminently, and is free for Roland System-1 owners. Inside every System-1 box is a voucher code that you can use to redeem against your plugout.


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