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Incredible savings on Komplete 9

Incredible savings on Komplete 9

If you make music using a computer, or dj digitally, chances are you’ve heard of Native Instruments. For a go-to selection of instruments and effects that cover all sonic territory, you can’t go wrong with Komplete; and if you’re not already rocking instruments including FM8, Massive and Absynth, summer is the time to get on board with this incredible Komplete 9 deal!

Native Instruments Komplete 9 deal at red Dog Music

Stupendous Komplete 9 savings!

If you were to buy the complete range of Native Instruments instruments and effects individually, it would be a fairly expensive undertaking. “But there are so many good sounds, I must possess them all!” I hear you say.

That’s why Native Instruments gave us two incredible bundles: Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate. Even before this incredible Komplete 9 deal, these collections gave you a Massive (see what I did there?) discount on buying everything separately, but with this current Komplete 9 offer, things are just crazy!

The Komplete 9 deal in the studio

With £270 off Komplete 9 Ultimate and £80 off Komplete 9, summer 2014 is the time to put an industry-standard selection of sounds in your DAW, no matter what your genre…

If you’re already a Maschine user, Komplete 9 integrates seamlessly with Maschine, letting you tap into the power of all those instruments and sounds directly from the hardware and the sequencing workflow you’re already using.

Making electronic music, scoring films, adding a string section to a pop track, scoring for an orchestra, game sound designer? The versatility and scope of the included content in Komplete 9 has you covered:

Want to take a huge selection of guitar effects and amps to the gig with you? Want to leave your guitar sound options open at mixdown? Guitar Rig is for you.

We’re not really sure what else to say about Komplete 9 to be honest, so we’ll just finish by telling you that with Komplete 9 on your system, your instrument and effects library won’t get in the way between what you imagine in your head, and what can come out of your monitors…

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