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API The Box – Save £2500 (insert compressor pun here) this August!

API The Box – Save £2500 (insert compressor pun here) this August!

API is just one of those names, isn’t it? Right up there when you think of classic consoles. Well, have we got a treat for you. Until the end of August, you can save £2500 on an API The Box analogue console. We should probably give that its own paragraph really.

API The Box Deal

You can save £2500 on an API The Box in August.

There, done. Now, we’re not going to be flippant about this, this is not the cheapest product we list, but just look at it, look and the spec sheet, and read the reviews. If you’re serious about getting that vintage American console sound and plugins aren’t working for you; if you love the tactile workflow you get from knobs and faders and control surfaces aren’t working for you, the API The Box might just be the thing to take your studio to the next level.

The Box might not be the cheapest, but it is good value… particularly in August! For £12499 you get four API preamps, two EQs, two mono compressors, a central section/monitor controller and a sixteen channel summing mixer with faders that can give you up to 28 inputs at mixdown. Starts to look quite competitive, doesn’t it?

API key

Your preamps, eq, compression, level, left-right position and more are all things you want to be able to have total control over when you’re recording and mixing. Equally important is how you interact with all those things, and sometimes, just having the immediacy of having your hands on the controls of a real analogue console can make all the difference to how you work in the studio.

And this is a real analogue console. When you start to count up the number of transformers in the signal path, hear that famous API preamp sound and sculpt it with API EQ and compression, all without having to reach for a mouse or look at the screen to adjust a plugin parameter, you’ll start to see what mixing in The Box is all about.

API The Box at Red Dog MusicBreakout Box

What if you want a bit of sonic flexibility when it comes to your mix? Maybe you love the sound of an SSL EQ on your snare, or some Rupert Neve Designs tape emulation on your bass. No problem, pop an SSL 611 and an RND 542 into The Box’s onboard 500-series slots, and you’re on the way to your own signature sound in your own analogue console!

Praise for The Box has been fairly prolific, with reviews in Sound on Sound and Mix Magazine using phrases such as: “remarkably versatile connectivity and internal signal routing”, “API has created a truly amazing piece of equipment”, “I am blown away by this well-engineered sonic beauty” and “it sounds utterly fabulous”.

Tells you all you need to know, really…

So, check out the API The Box in August to start mixing outside of it.

Now, back to the title

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