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Fredenstein is here – create some monster sounds!

Fredenstein is here – create some monster sounds!

With the advance of audio interfaces these days, chances are you may well have some extra inputs and outputs kicking about. Or maybe you have a plethora of outputs to mix in the analogue domain. Either way, chances are you want to take advantage of that. Enter Fredenstein.

Fredenstein 500-series modules at Red Dog Music

Fredenstein Pro Audio – the only thing that’s monstrous is the tone

Fredenstein seem to have come from nowhere with an incredible range of products. The majority of them are designed for the 500-series format, but that Fairchild-like compressor looks quite impressive…

If you take a look through the Fredenstein range, you’ll find a lot of the bread and butter essentials – eqs and compressors for example – but also some of the products that a lot of other manufacturers haven’t thought to make. Monitor controllers, gates… all the things that give you the perfect range of modules to put an entire console in a 500-series rack.

Bento box

If you are a connoisseur of Japanese food (or a keen long-distance road cyclist) you might be familiar with the word Bento. In this particular pro-audio context, the Bento is Fredenstein’s take on the 500-series lunchbox format.

Taking advantage of some usually unused pins in the format, the Fredenstein Bento lunchboxes add additional inputs and outputs to each slot of their 500-series lunchboxes, greatly increasing the possibilities of what is possible with the format.

And that’s before you even get to the linking functionality…

Want to create your perfect pre/comp/eq channel strip in the 500-format without resorting to patch cables? The Bento is your friend!

Fredenstein rack at Red Dog Music

You don’t have to Shelley out too much

While how things sounds is always our most-important consideration as audio engineers, at the end of the day we generally don’t want to spend more than we have to. That’s another feather in the cap of the Fredenstein range – these pieces of gear are incredibly competitively priced.

That means you can Byron one today and chalk it up in the [God]win column!

As more and more companies get on-board with the 500-series format, it continues to become the format of choice to add a few choice pieces of outboard to your recording and mixing setup; and Fredenstein Professional Audio look like a serious competitor…

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