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Ableton Live Expert Day at Red Dog Music!

Ableton Live Expert Day at Red Dog Music!

We’ll not spend too much time talking about Ableton Live. If you’re reading this blog, we reckon you’re pretty clued up about the DAW that turned the computer audio timeline on its head (or rather its side) and gave you the DAW you could compose and produce with in the studio, and use as the hub of your live performance rig that night.

With the release of the incredible Push controller, Ableton took another paradigm-shifting step to blur the lines between DAW and instrument. Whether or not you buy into the idea that a computer, some software and controller can be called an ‘instrument’, it’s certainly clear that the combination of Ableton Live 9 and Push is an incredibly powerful compositional, production and performance tool, whether that’s over many late-night hours in the studio preparing that release-ready track, or a seat-of-the-pants improvisational performance that will have people saying “you needed to be there”!

Ableton Live Tutorial - Ableton Live Expert Day

Want to know some Live tips and tricks?

I’ve been using Ableton Live since version 1.5 – on a 600 MHz G3 iBook – and I’ve been using Push since not long after it came out, and I love it. Spend 15 minutes with the pair of them, and you’ve got 50% of it sorted; half an hour gets you 90% of the way there, but there’s always that final 10%.

Spend some more time with it, and get you get a few more, but you’ll be knocking out sounds, clips, loops and tracks left right and centre by then, so no bother, but whether you are a new to Ableton Live or are a seasoned expert, sometimes seeing someone else use it can just give you that seed of inspiration that you need to take your productions to the next level, or to give you the tools you need to take your tracks to the next level.

Whether you want to find out some hints on how to use Live as the hub of your studio that also features external hardware, get the best from hardware controllers such as Push or the fantastic Novation Launchpad and Launch Control controllers, the Ableton Live Expert Day at Red Dog Music and Relentless’ Denmark Street hands-on multimedia store is the event of which you want to be a part!

Ableton Push at Red Dog Music

Tips and tutorials from the Ableton Live Experts!

With the top experts from, well, Ableton Live Expert installed at No. 5 Denmark Street for the day – Saturday 4th October 12pm-5pm – this is a great chance to get some time with the people that know this software and how to interact with it, and find out those first – or last – few percent of the learning curve that will pay dividends in the studio or on stage.

The event is free, but space is limited so get yourself signed up for the sessions here and learn from the experts…

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