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Hamstead Amps – boutique British tone at Red Dog Music!

Hamstead Amps – boutique British tone at Red Dog Music!

If you’ve not heard of Hamstead Soundworks before, you’re missing something pretty special. If you’ve not heard the tones that come from Hamstead Amps before, your ears have missed a treat.

But if you’ve not played through a Hamstead Amp before, you’ve missed a whole guitar-playing sensory experience.

Hamstead Amps at Red Dog Music

Hamstead Amps – now in stock!

Red Dog Music is proud to be stock these  handmade, bespoke British tone machines. Peter Hamstead, who has a background in avionics and radar, is responsible for the design and engineering of the electronics – giving Hamstead Amps a bit of a clean slate when it comes to guitar amplifier design.

And with that fresh approach, you don’t get an amplifier that is necessarily a ‘clone’ of the stereotypical ‘British amp tone’. Hamstead Amps offer something that little bit different. These are their own amps with their own sound.

And that sound is great.

Hamstead Amps Artist SeriesPlaying through a Hamstead Amplifier

I’m not a particularly confident guitar player, and tend to get a little bit self-conscious when demoing amps, but with this one, I actually thought I sounded okay. I grabbed the Fender American Deluxe Thinline Tele and plugged in to the Hamstead Artist Series 20+RT combo and started to pick hesitantly.

Even just my basic riffs and licks rang out in a way I had never heard before, and I’ve played through some nice amps.

I love this amplifier.

Cleans are beautiful and, while this is definitely not a hi-gain shred machine, the bluesy breakup and crunch is sublime. Through in a very versatile tremolo, a reverb with its own dedicated tone-control and a voice switch to give you that bit more bite – perfect for solos – and you have simply a stunning piece of amplifier.

I hesitate to say much more about them to be honest, I’ll just recommend that you give one a shot yourself. You can try out Hamstead Amps in our Edinburgh and Clapham branches, as well as in London’s Denmark Street.

Just plug in, and enjoy.

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