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The Focusrite ISA One- 20% off until 2015!

The Focusrite ISA One- 20% off until 2015!

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the ISA 430, but time for a quick bit of news on the Focusrite ISA One

Focusrite ISA One Preamp and DI at Red Dog Music

This is a cracking little preamp.

Focusrite ISA One – Your go-to preamp and DI

Not only is the Focusrite ISA One surprisingly cute and portable – perfect for the peripatetic engineer – but it has the pristine Focusrite preamp sound that goes back to the Rupert Neve era ISA 110 module.

Focusrite preamps are known for their superlative sound quality. They are not ‘character’ preamps that give you obvious saturation, they are about capturing the source as it sounds, giving you the perfect recording on tape and the freedom to add whatever effects you may need at the mixing stage; safe in the knowledge that you got the sound recorded properly in the first place.

The first class pre-amplifier design is complemented by features including variable input impedance, an independent DI section, insert point, headphone output for cue-mixes and an optional A/D converter. All of this makes the Focusrite ISA One the perfect box to have at your disposal in the studio.

In particular, the ISA One is the perfect box for tracking bass, as you can get the mic and DI signal recorded quickly, easily, and with impeccable Focusrite sound quality.

Focusrite ISA One Lundahl transformerSave 20% on the ISA One for the rest of 2014!

If a quality front-end for your studio is what your recordings have been missing, 2014 is the time to address that issue. Until the end of December, you can save 20% when you take home an ISA One!

Yup, for only £319.99 you can have the peace of mind that your preamp is not going to be the weak link in your recording chain! With a quote like this ‘even relatively inexpensive studio mics sounded noticeably classier through the ISA One than through a basic budget mic amp’ from the stellar review in Sound on Sound, the ISA One is sure to get plenty of use in your forthcoming projects!

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