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Best of 2014: Mobile recording equipment for iPhone and iPad

Best of 2014: Mobile recording equipment for iPhone and iPad

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? It’s coming up to Christmas. You need to buy something for someone you love, like or secretly loathe – but you feel obliged and you don’t want people to call you a Scrooge – you know they have an iPhone or an iPad and they like like music. Maybe they dabble in music making or play an instrument or two. Well, we’ve made this list just for you! We’ve done all the research so you can chill out, find out which one would suit them best and buy one. Happy days!

Ps. Before we get started, did we mention already that we were voted as the UK’s Best Medium-sized Retailer in the Music Industries Association awards for 2014? Well, we were. Just putting that out. We don’t want you accidentally buying from Amazon or some dehumanised-box-shifting-warehouse-robots. We genuinely appreciate every single order and do our absolute best to make you overjoyed with your purchase. Now then, on with the list!

If they want to record videos of their performance

The iTrack Pocket from Focusrite is a totally awesome little device that acts as a little stand for your iPhone, while simultaneously connecting it up to some pro quality microphones and really nifty audio/video editing software. This allows you to take total control of how you capture your performance and makes it quick and easy to upload it to your YouTube account. Only £79.99.

Not everything has to be super-glamorous. A good old-fashioned clamp can do wonders for getting your iPad aiming in just the right direction to capture your performance, just attach it to your mic stand and get going! After all, the in-built mics and editing software can certainly do a pretty fair job, and this is one of the most price-conscious options around at only £19.99.

If they want to record themselves playing guitar

The Apogee Jam is a super-high quality bit of kit for those who want to get the absolute best quality recordings possible on a mobile device. You might think the £75 price tag is a little steep for something that simply records a line-level instrument like guitar or bass onto your iPad or iPhone, but keep in mind Apogee interfaces for studios can cost upward of £3,000. You’re getting the Apogee badge, as well as the quality and heritage that comes with it.

If you don’t want to plump for the Apogee, the IK iRig is a decent budget option at only £19.99. It’s a passive system, meaning that it just matches the impedance between your instrument and your phone connection rather than doing anything super fancy, but it certainly gets the job done!

itracksoloTell you what you want, what you really, really want? I’ll tell you what you want, what you really, really want: THIS. It’s hard to beat the Focusrite iTrack Solo for features at a ludicrously low £99 price tag. You can record any kind of microphone (even if it needs phantom power) plus a line-level signal from an instrument, and also plug your headphones or monitor speakers in. Yes, yes and more yes.

Instrument input, mic input, MIDI I/O, guitar-level outputs for re-amping… The Alesis AmpDock is a one-stop-guitar-recording-shop for your iPad. They’re really hard to get hold of at the moment, but they’re worth the wait! A little on the pricey side at £239.99, but there’s nothing on the market that offers such a flexible set-up.

If they want to do mobile studio recording

The Focusrite iTrack Dock is undoubtedly one of the most ergonomic, stylish ways of getting studio quality ins & outs with your iPad. Use it on the go, on the train, in your hotel room, at the in-laws, then back to the home studio with all those amazing ideas you managed to capture. At only £169, it’s also pretty affordable considering the tasty Focusrite pre-amps!

It fits in the palm of your hand, has 2 microphone/line inputs, headphone output and monitor outputs. What more do you need for a budget, portable studio? Connect the Alesis i/O Hub up to your iPad or iPhone and away you go! It’s only £79. Just buy one!

If they’re in a band and want to record a rehearsal

Buy the Rode IXY for £119, Stick this in the top of your iPhone and hit ‘record’. It’s that easy. Awesome high-quality stereo recording from the Australian microphone legends at an entirely reasonable £119. No need to fiddle about with external interfaces, cables or phantom power.

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