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Buy Blackstar this Christmas and get a Christmas gift back!

Buy Blackstar this Christmas and get a Christmas gift back!

We probably don’t need to say a whole lot about Blackstar amps, if you’re reading this we reckon you’ll be pretty up to speed with what they’re all about. From the dinkyness of the new, ultra-portable Fly 3, through their great range of smaller practice and recording amps right up to their giga-powered stage behemoths, Blackstar make a good amp.

While taking a new amp home and getting plugged in is always rewarding in terms of tone, for the rest of this year when you buy Blackstar it’s also rewarding for your wallet!

Buy Blackstar Amps this Christmas

Buy Blackstar this Christmas for a happy new year!

Yup, this Christmas, when you take home a qualifying Blackstar amplifier, you can qualify for up to £45 cashback! Well, we say cash, but they’ll probably send you a cheque. In fact, they do; it says so in all the terms and conditions (which you should probably read).

So at least we’ve cleared that up.

But hey, it’s still good ol’ folding, right? Perfect to put towards that belated gift for the person about whom you forgot, but who surprised you by giving you something and you had to come out with the ‘I’ve left your present in my other hat’ excuses.

So how does this crazy Blackstar deal work?

Easies. Buy your qualifying amp, head over to this form, fill it out (you’ll need a scan of your receipt, but we can help with that if you need), and await your monies.

Want to know what qualifies for what? Easy again: take home an ID:60TVP, ID:260TVP, S1-45, S1-50, S1-100, S1-1046L6 or S1-200 for £45 back;  an HT Metal 5 for £30; or an HT Metal 1 for £20.

And that’s all there is to it!

Merry Christmas tone hounds!

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