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What is LCR Mixing?

What is LCR Mixing?

The song is sweet, the performances tight, and the arrangement takes the listener on a most magical musical journey; now it’s time for the mix. Time for another Red Dog Music mixing FAQ: what is LCR mixing?

To the left, to the right…

Right then, you’ve got a good static mix with the faders, perhaps a bit of eq to create some pockets for particular sounds to sit in, where to next? Well, maybe you’re ready top start giving things their own position in the stereo field. Get ready to grab those pan pots…

What is LCR mixing?

The thing with mixing though, is that it can often be very easy to lose hour after hour incrementally adjusting things by infinitesimal amounts to get everything just right. And, chances are, by the time you reach for the pan control you’ve probably already done that with the faders.

Why not keep things simple? Left. Centre. Right. And that’s the answer to our question ‘what is LCR mixing?’ Left. Centre. Right. If you want to pan something, you pan it hard one way or the other and all that time you would have spent debating whether that 3rd rhythm guitar part sounded better at 3.15 or 3.30 comes right back to you.

Now, you might not want to leave things there. In particular, listening on headphones might sound a bit strange, or you might have a sparse mix with very few elements that sounds very empty or that you can’t get the left-right balance playing nicely using LCR mixing, but it can be a good place to start.

Opinions on LCR mixing

And what do people think of LCR mixing? Well, some older consoles just had LCR switches rather than pan pots, so it’s not as if LCR mixing is anything new, but from ‘it rocks‘, to the alternative ‘LCR mixing sucks‘, via Andrew Scheps saying he uses it (from 1′ 37″ in) because that’s what his console had and he didn’t like using the pan circuit, the complete range is covered.

As with all things though, it’s your mix. If you do find yourself spending a lot of time playing with the pan controls early on though, why not just force yourself to go LCR to start, see how it sounds and take it from there. Who knows, it might just work for you…

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