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Are you ever too old to be famous?

Are you ever too old to be famous?


How old?

So… From our research it looks like the average age of the best selling acts of all time at the point when they hit their first chart success is 22. So, as a rough guide it would be safe to say that if you haven’t dented the charts by the age of 22, you’re certainly going to struggle to become one of the best selling musicians of all time. If you’re older than 27, the chances are almost non-existent.

On the other hand, being a ludicrously successful, impossibly young, musical multi-millionaire with the world at your feet can’t be that amazing. Sure, having a full-time PR team to keep your nipples warm on frosty mornings and a pet marmoset called Clarence sounds like a right laugh, but keep in mind that 7 people in the list above have died at the age of 50 or less. Also… At least you’re not Bono.

Now, it’s not my style to leave you all down in the dumps about how futile your musical aspirations are due to your age, so here’s a list of ‘less young’ bands and artists that had their chart success a little later in life.

How old?

Article by Guy @ Red Dog Music; an increasingly bitter and jaded almost-30-year-old.

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