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NAMM 2015: Alesis DM-Egg – USB hand percussion

NAMM 2015: Alesis DM-Egg – USB hand percussion
NAMM 2015 Red Dog Music exclusive
Alesis introduces DM-Egg digital hand percussion


Alesis electronic drum kits are renowned in the percussion world, bringing traditionally high-priced electronic kits down to suit friendly, affordable budgets. With a range starting at the £55 PercPad and going right up to the newly announced DM10 X Mesh, there is a drum product to suit everyone, from beginners to professionals. Or is there?


No church clap-along, kid’s party or death metal rumpus would be the same without the haunting sound of the egg maracas or “shaky egg” percussion instrument. But one common complaint from egg “musicians” has been the painfully limited range of sounds they are able to produce. That’s all about to change.
Alesis DM Egg


With the DM-Egg, Alesis have brought the cutting edge technology and acclaimed quality of their high end electronic drum kits and the accelerometer-controlled sound engine of their Vortex series to the shaky egg world. With painstakingly designed models of classic egg maracas tones, the DM-Egg takes the art of shakey-eggery into the stratosphere.


But that’s not all.


Features including a weighted control yolk, tactile “EZ-Grip” carbon fibre shell and revolutionary ‘Scramble’ beat-repeat function, promise to re-invent what it means to be a hand percussionist. The Alesis DM-Egg will also emulate the sounds of every classic Alesis product ever created – the fabled Andromeda analogue synth, as well as the original Quadrasynth, all of the previous samples held within the DM kits, the step sequencer of algorithm of the MMT-8 of Orbital fame, the satisfying clack that the buttons on Alesis SR drum machines make, the zip noise of a gig bag, and the sound that Alesis reps make when they’re extolling the virtues of new products.


Retailing at £79 and expected in stores in Q3 2015. Egg fans: welcome to the future.

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