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What’s new in the KORG Kronos 2?

What’s new in the KORG Kronos 2?

Korg Kronos 2

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know what the KORG Kronos is. Here’s a no-nonsense guide to what’s actually different in the new KORG Kronos, minus any fluff about the old one that hasn’t really changed.

  • SGX Berlin piano: a whopping 9GB Steinway style concert grand piano with unique una corda ‘soft pedal’ samples. Perfect for delicate performances & soundtrack work.
  • New ‘sounds from famous songs’ preset banks. A great starting point for function band players and cover-lovers.
  • Feature showcase preset banks from KaPro. If you really want to show off the sounds available to the Kronos, this is will blow people’s tiny minds.
  • Touch & drag on-screen editing: change parameters directly from the touch-screen, rather than selecting the parameter and fiddling knobs.
  • Improved ‘Set List’ mode: Change text size, colours and layout. Super useful if you’re the forgetful type and need an occasional lyric-reminder.
  • On-screen metering: No more guessing what channels are firing in the ‘Combi’ & ‘Sequencer’ modes.
  • Laminate wood side panels.
  • Higher quality on-chassis text.
  • Gold-plated audio sockets.

There. That’s it. It might not seem like a very dramatic overhaul, but to be fair the original Kronos was an absolute beast.

Fancy treating yourself to one? Get in touch with us. Our prices are amazing and our service is award winning.

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