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5 shades of grey headphones

5 shades of grey headphones

Possibly, maybe around Valentine’s day, you might see a film that makes you want to buy a new set of headphones.

Perhaps to listen to a Thomas Tallis composition.


50 shades of grey headphones

Four shades of grey


Now, if you are a billionaire CEO of a holding company – to pluck an example completely at random – maybe the earbuds that came free with your mp3 player are good enough for your – or someone else’s – music listening pleasure.

Unfortunately, many cheap earbuds can sound harsh, with certain frequencies jumping out and possibly even hurting your ears.

Why you would want to create a musical scenario that involves causing pain is a mystery to us. I remember I had a pair of earbuds that made me wince with each rimshot-accentuated snare hit on Nitin Sawhney’s The River. Most unpleasant.

What about a selection of headphones that sound great? Not at all to leap on any sort of bandwagon (we wouldn’t do that, probably), we present our choice of five shades of grey headphones.

Or black.

The Red Dog Music 5 shades of grey headphones

Time for the choices, it was a tricky job to narrow the list down to just 5 sets of headphones. We didn’t consider quality, isolating earbuds – such as the excellent Shure SE112 – as, again for no real reason, we thought we’d keep the list to sets that would be easy to put on somebody else.

If there would ever be a situation where you would want to do that. We certainly couldn’t think of one.

Roland RH5

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of comfortable multi-purpose headphones, you can’t go far wrong with these little gems from Roland. From digital piano practice to pushing the envelope of wearing a tie, the RH5s get the job done.

Shades of grey headphones - Audio Technica ATH M30X

Audio Technica ATH-M30X

Audio Technica have been producing gems of headphones at very reasonable prices for years. This latest generation, including the M20X, 30X, 40X and 50X does not disappoint, whether you choose to listen to them at home, or from the pilot’s seat of your helicopter.

Beyer Dynamic DT990 Pro

Makers of many studio staples, Beyer Dynamic do the business with the Red Dog favourite DT990 Pro. From recreational listening to Cream’s White Room, to mixing your industrial future garage opus in a room maybe painted crimson. Or vermillion. Or carmine. You get it.

Sennheiser HD600

Okay, so these are more flecked than a shade of grey, but they sound great and are superbly comfy for long periods of listening. A superb choice for the music listening connoisseur, the HD600s will release the inner goddess from your record collection.

Shades of grey headphones - AKG K812 Pro

AKG K812

If you are the billionaire CEO of a holding company – and you want to move on from beyond bundled earbuds of course – the AKG K812s will take you to new levels of listening joy, pulling out all of the detail you never new existed in your recorded music.

Also, while Spem in Alium is nice, we prefer Fauré’s Requiem

Red Dog Music would like to state that this ‘article’ was written mostly satirically and is not in any way an attempt to get a mention in Private Eye’s Fifty Shades of Balls column.

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