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5 ways the Apple Watch can be used to make music

5 ways the Apple Watch can be used to make music

Apple Watch MusicSince the Apple Watch was announced on 9th March 2015, the audio community has been abuzz with speculation as to how it can be put to use musically (Has it? Ed.).

In the absence of any direct contact with the product or inclination to properly research this article, we’ve used our powers of imagination to come up with a list of ways that the Apple Watch can be used for musical purposes:

  • Need to be at a rehearsal at 8pm? Use the “Time” app to accurately calculate exactly when that is. Power user tip: subtract the current time from the time you need to be at the rehearsal to calculate how long it is until the rehearsal starts.
  • Writing a traditional 3 minute pop song? Again, the “Time” app is an invaluable tool to measure whether your song is 3 minutes long or not. If not, it may be able to help you measure how much longer or shorter your song needs to be.
  • Need to identify the Beats per Minute of the track you’re working on? Using the “Seconds Hand” app, count how many beats you hear in 60 seconds. Multiply this by 1 and you have identified the BPM. This can be used to synchronise live music with DAWs such as Ableton and Cubase
  • Lost your capo? The Apple Watch’s sturdy strap can possibly be used as a last minute substitute.
  • Don’t own any musical equipment? The Apple Watch can be sold, and the proceeds used to buy a wide range of musical equipment from your local friendly music store.

In fact, any standard watch can be used for the above purposes. Hooray!

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