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Incredible sE mics Price drops!

Incredible sE mics Price drops!

If you have some sounds that you make – maybe with your voice, or perhaps a guitar, or maybe a rainstick – that you want to get into your recordings, chances are you’ll want a microphone. With these quite simply unbelievable price drops on this quartet from sE Electronics, perhaps now is the time to upgrade that most critical part of your recording chain…

sE Mics dealsThe Quartet

Even if you’re not a fan of Verdi’s Rigoletto, this choice selection of four mics is a quartet you might find interesting. If you’re looking for a new mic, and you like to save money, then these sE mics price drops are for you…

sE Electronics T2 price drop – £299

There’s not much to say about the sE T2 really, other than ‘what a mic’. The sE T2 is a reworking of their acclaimed best-seller, the 4400a, but with a titanium-sputtered diaphragm instead of the usual gold. This makes the diaphragm much stiffer, giving an incredible response to transients.

The sE T2 mic features cardioid, super-cardioid, omni and figure-8 patterns, so is the perfect mic to have for myriad recording scenarios. Combine that with the innovative shockmount design and compact nature of the mic itself, and you’ve got quite a package!

sE Electronics X1-D price drop – £89

The sE X1 range of mics have got quite a reputation, and not just along the lines of ‘it sounds great for the price‘, they would sound great for a price considerably more than that!

While the subtle D suffix of the sE X1-D suggests ‘Drum’, the titanium diaphragm – as we’ve just discussed with the T2 – gives the sE X1-D that great transient response, making it ideal not only for drums and percussion, but also for piano, bass and some vocalists as well.

sE Electronics X1-USB price drop – £119

Sometimes, you just want to get plugged into your computer and get recording with the minimum of fuss and the minimum of equipment. For podcasts, recording on-the-go or quickly throwing down some ideas or overdubs in the front room, sometimes a USB mic is just the thing to use.

Then what could be better than the sE X1-USB?

sE Electronics X1-T  price drop- £189

Valves can do wonderful things to sounds. Everyone uses words like ‘warm’ and ‘vintage’ and talks about all those techniques to give you that, well, analogue warmth. Even us.

But what if you didn’t have to spend lots of time emulating all that tube goodiness? Just use the crafty little valve in the sE X1-T, and you’re getting all those adjectives down at source when you record. I believe the term people sometimes use in these situations is ‘simples‘.

Bella figlia dell’amore

If making music is the beautiful daughter of your love, then this quartet of incredible microphones at incredible prices from sE Electronics is for you. From the multi-pattern flexibility and transient detail of the T2, to the convenience of USB wrapped up inside a proper condenser microphone with the X1-USB, now is the time to put a new mic in your studio…

sE Mics Offer

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