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Maschine Studio – save £180 until 30th April!

Maschine Studio – save £180 until 30th April!

Wow. It’s just all about Native Instruments at the moment. Just the other day word emerged on various sites online about a potential forthcoming product – the Traktor Kontrol D2 – and now they go and follow that up with this quite outstandingly incredible deal on Maschine Studio!

Maschine Studio deal

The Maschine Studio price drop!

It’s quite a straightforward one this, no coupons that need to be redeemed, no send in your proof of purchase for a rebate, just a healthy £180 of the price right from the get go. Easy.

Simply purchase your Maschine Studio – in stealthy black or smooth white – before the 30th April, and you’ll pay just £549 for it, rather than the £729 is was, and will be again…

Maschine Studio at Red Dog MusicWhy choose Maschine Studio?

If you’ve come from a hardware ‘groovebox’ background, then you’ll know the appeal of working in that sort of environment: sometimes that sort of music-making environment is just what your creativity needs.

NI Maschine gives you just that sort of creativity, but with the bonus of screen the size of your computer’s, rather than something the size of a cocktail sausage. Not only that, but as you can use your favourite plug-in instruments, you can have the ‘groovebox’ with the sounds that you want, not just what the designers thought you might need.

Want to program your symphonic-infused neurofunk on Maschine? Not a problem. Experimental synth banjo ambient full of microedited drum breaks sampled from 1960s 45s? Maschine is your oyster that’s just swallowed a grain of sand, and it gives you all the tools to turn it into a pearl.

Using Maschine expansions in Ableton LiveThe Maschine studio deal just gets better!

The superb Maschine Studio deal doesn’t stop there though! For just £969 you can take home a Maschine Studio with Komplete 10, and £1069 if you want to put the full-on instrument and effects package in your Maschine Studio, you can bundle Komplete 10 Ultimate with your new Studio for only £1069!

These prices are only around until the 30th of April, so don’t miss out! As always, if you want discuss Maschine, Komplete, any other native Instruments product or even how to go about making folktronica in your living room, give us a shout! And if you want to know more about getting started with Maschine, or how you can use the wide array of Maschine Expansions to get you started, keep your eyes on the blog…

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