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Is this the most Komplete deal ever?

Is this the most Komplete deal ever?

We love Komplete here at Red Dog Music and, judging by how popular it is, so do all of you. With its pretty spectacular collection of instruments and effects, Komplete may be the only set of plugins that you need for all your sound design and mixing needs.

Komplete Kontrol Deal

Recently, Native Instruments gave us the Komplete Kontrol range of keyboards, available in 25, 49 and 61-key versions. The Komplete Kontrol keyboards aren’t just great quality MIDI controllers, but they give you smooth integration with your Komplete instruments, letting you focus on the creative process and getting on with composing, rather than spending time with the mouse and your computer screen.

Komplete Kontrol

Not only does it share a name with my favourite song by The Clash (if you overlook NI’s K-replacement fixation), the Komplete Kontrol controllers are beautifully engineered things.

With their Fatar keybeds and Maschine Studio-like build, the Komplete Kontrol keyboards are hearty, work-horse instruments. Combine them with Komplete 9 or Komplete 10, and you’ve got a formidable amount of sound-design and compositional power at your fingertips.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

Now, if you’ve got an earlier version of Komplete, that integration with the Komplete Kontrollers isn’t available, but you might be sufficiently happy with your existing sounds that you don’t feel the need to bother upgrading to the latest version of Komplete, Komplete 10. Well, May is the month for you with great deals on the Komplete Kontrol with Komplete 10 and 10 Ultimate Updates!

If you’re an existing Komplete user, buy any Komplete Kontrol keyboard and take home the Komplete 10 update FOR FREE, a saving of £145!

Komplete Ultimate user? The Komplete 10 Ultimate Update can be yours with your new Komplete Kontrol keyboard for half price at only £145!

So, go forth and imagine taking Komplete Kontrol of your new Komplete 10 with your new Komplete Kontrol keyboard, but don’t imagine for too long: this deal goes away May 31st!

Now, let’s finish with The Clash…

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