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The ultimate UA Apollo comparison chart!

The ultimate UA Apollo comparison chart!

The Universal Apollo range of interfaces has been quite a phenomenal success. The combination of a top-quality interface with DSP processing power to run the UAD plugins made for quite a tasty bit of gear.

UA Apollo interfaces: the next generation

With the release of the Apollo Twin desktop interfaces, and now the second generation of the rackmount Apollo interfaces, the range is now comprehensive enough to offer the right interface for anyone looking for a high-end recording and mixing solution.

UA Apollo 16 mk2


With all that choice though, how can you decide the right Apollo for you? Well, we’ve put all the key specifications in one place for you to make it easy; bring on the Universal Audio Apollo comparison chart!

What are the Universal Apollo interfaces all about?

Just in case you’ve missed them, let’s just take a quick recap of what the UA Apollos have got going on. From the discerning home producer to the professional studio, the Apollo range gives you a quality front end for your microphones and instruments and great conversion into and out of your DAW.

Universal Audio Apollo Portable RackAll is not done there though, the crafty extra feature on the Apollo range is the onboard UAD plugin power. The UAD plugins are impressive things, giving you the sounds and character of classic vintage and future-classic modern hardware. And all using its own power to ease the load on your computer’s processor.

Now, the plugins emulating great gear are nothing new, but sometimes that integration of hardware and software can take those emulations to a a new level… For example, with the Unison preamp technology on the Apollo interfaces, the hardware and software talk to each other to give you the most authentic modelling experience possible.

Load up a preamp modelling plugin, and the input impedance of the mic input on the interface changes to reflect that of the original unit. That changes how the microphone and the preamp interact and offers a much more realistic modelling experience than can be achieved from a plugin alone.

The UA Apollo comparison chart

Let’s start with the interfaces themselves. From the most affordable Apollo Twin Solo from the flagship Apollo 16, a range of inputs and outputs are available. So, whether you work predominantly with multiple microphones, need lots of analogue line outputs or need to DI your guitar, chances are there’s an Apollo interface that will fit the bill:

UA Apollo comparison chart

UA Apollo plugin bundle comparison

That covers the hardware side of things, but what tasty plugins are included to take advantage of all the DSP power of your nice new interface?

UAD Realtime Analog Classics Bundle – this bundle is included with the Apollo Twin Solo and the Apollo Twin Duo and includes plenty to get you started with your recording – taking advantage of that Unison Preamp technology! – and mixing.

UA 610B Tube Preamp & EQ – the front-end emulation of the preamp used to track so many artists, from Duke Ellington to Coldplay

Raw Distortion plugin – A model of the famed ProCo RAT pedal

Softube Amp Room Essentials – With the guitar half-stack and bass 8×10 models, you’ll be laying down cracking guitar and bass tracks in no time!

Universal Audio 1179SE/LN – Perhaps the world’s most recognisable compressor, this plugin gives you vintage character, as well as helping your tracks punch

Pultec Pro Equalizers – Modelling the highs and lows of the EQP-1A and the mids of the MEQ-5, these plugins might not be the most surgical problem solvers, but they’ve featured on more recordings than there are grains of sand in the universe*.

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier – Perhaps the world’s second most recognisable compressor, this is THE compressor to use on vocals, and more…

CS-1 Precision Channel – It’s an entire channel strip in a plugin. From surgical EQing to compression to delay to reverb, this is very nearly a strip for every channel!

RealVerb Pro – A flexible and natural sounding reverb, letting the UAD DSP running your reflections frees up your CPU for other things…

UA Realtime Analog Classics Plus plugin bundle

UAD Realtime Analog Classics Plus Bundle – this bundle is included with all the rackmountable Apollos, the Analog Classics Plus Bundle includes all of the above and:

Fairchild 670 – This tube limiter is highly desirable and can go from subtle to characterfully gritty.

UA Precision Enhancer Hz – Add some low end weight to kicks or make your bassline come through on smaller speakers. Handy and Useful.

Summing Up

Well there you have it, lots of choice, lots of power and lots of plugins. Not bad, is it? Whether you’re on Firewire or Thunderbolt, want portability or a comprehensive studio install, vast amounts of plugin DSP power or just enough, check out the Universal Audio Apollo series.

*Not true. Probably.

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