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Could these be the most Komplete deals ever?

Could these be the most Komplete deals ever?

If you’re into your production, chances are you’ve heard of Native Instruments. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a Maschine Studio, or maybe one of their striking new controller keyboards. Chances are though, you’ve hemmed and hawed about Kompete: quite possibly the most fanstastical and majestical instrument and effects bundle available in the one box. Now, with this month of Komplete deals, this could be the best time to kill two musical birds with the one purchasing stone.

Komplete Deals

Just what are these Komplete deals?

It’s pretty straightforward this time, just choose your hardware, and decide whether you want the comprehensive Komplete 10, or the ultimately comprehensive Komplete 10 Ultimate, which you’ll receive in the form of the crossgrade version, ready to add your choice of Komplete 10 to the software that comes with your hardware selection. Easy.

Just one product to click on, and you’re good to go. And all with really quite impressive savings of between £lotsand £lots more!

Remember to show your working…

Let’s just take a look at a quick example to show just how good this deal is. Right, let’s say you had been interested in Komplete 10 Ultimate, which usually retails at £729.

Maybe you’d had half an eye on a Maschine Mikro mk2 – usually £249, just to add some extra drum sounds to your library with a bit of hands-on control, but it wasn’t at the top of your shopping list.

Well, for June only, you can pick up a Maschine Mikro mk2 with the crossgrade to Komplete 10 Ultimate for only £499. Just to point out how good a deal that is, you are – in effect – saving £230 on your purchase of Komplete 10 Ultimate, and getting a Maschine Mikro mk2 for free.

Deals really don’t come much better than that, do they?

What hardware is eligible?

The entire Maschine range and the Komplete Kontrol keyboards. All the things you’d probably be wanting to pair with Komplete 10 anyway. Here’s how it all looks:

Maschine Komplete Deals

Maschine Mikro mk2 – White: Komplete 10 £369Komplete 10 Ultimate £499

Maschine Mikro mk2 – Black: Komplete 10 £369Komplete 10 Ultimate £499

Maschine mk 2 – White: Komplete 10 £549Komplete 10 Ultimate £699

Maschine mk 2 – Black: Komplete 10 £549Komplete 10 Ultimate £699

Maschine Studio – White: Komplete 10 £839Komplete 10 Ultimate £999

Maschine Studio – Black: Komplete 10 £839Komplete 10 Ultimate £999

Komplete Kontrol Bundle Deals

Komplete Kontrol S25: Komplete 10 £489 – Komplete 10 Ultimate £629

Komplete Kontrol S49: Komplete 10 £549 – Komplete 10 Ultimate £699

Komplete Kontrol S61: Komplete 10 £599 – Komplete 10 Ultimate £749

Not a bad list from which to choose…

Which Komplete deal bundle should I choose?

That’s up to you. What NI products have been on your wishlist before? Native Instruments have helpfully put together this Komplete 10 vs Komplete 10 Ultimate comparison chart, which should help you decide on which software version is right for you.

Then it’s a choice of studio controller keyboard that lets you take control of Komplete without ruining the creative flow by having to reach for the mouse all the time, or a fully-fledged groove production sequencer with a hugely impressive drum library.

Of course, we’ve got Maschine and Komplete Kontrol set up in store, so you can always pop in and get a more literal feel for them.

Don’t wait too long though, June is only a 30-day month…

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